Trump Country

Trump Country

By Michael J. Lewinski – 7/30/2020

Lately, Trump 2020 signs are spring up like weeds in Dubois County, Indiana. I have yet to see a single sign for sleepy Joe Biden.

Perhaps it has something to do with President Trump advancing the interests of working people. As a member of the Obama administration, Sleep Joe not only didn’t advance the interest of the working man, but set them far behind, shipping jobs overseas and piling more taxes and regulations on the economy.

President Trump undid all the dirty stuff President Obama and VP Biden did to the working people. They cut their regulations and reduced ordinary people’s taxes. While President Trump honored the workers, the last administration shamed them, leaving those people treading water without any appreciation in their wages.

President Obama appointed two Progressives to the Supreme Court. Being true to his word, President Trump appointed two conservative originalists to the Supreme Court, Justice Brent Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch. Due to his careless negligence, Obama left President Trump 140 open bench seats. As of now, President Trump has, with the help of Senator Mitch McConnell, appointed 200 conservative originalists to the Federal benches.

The promise he kept was to make America energy independent after President Obama blocked it. President Trump rebuilt the American military after VP Biden and President Obama let it run down. Our President replaced NAFTA with the USMCA trade deal. He also struck a trade deal with China and is now looking to punish China for releasing the Coronavirus on our country, killing tens of thousands of Americans, and shutting down a booming economy.  He allowed the military to do its job and destroyed the ISIS Caliphate.  

There are many more Trump successes that account for Hoosiers embracing our president. We are wising up to the false claims of the 1619 Project that racism is in America’s DNA and we embrace Bob Woodard’s 1776 project which refutes this false narrative. 

Because of the preceding facts, Dubois County, Indiana, and most of the country is Trump Country.

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