Trump Supporters aren’t mentally ill or racist

Trump Supporters aren’t mentally ill or racist

By Bishop E. W. Jackson  9/16/19

The left will do anything to get and keep power, including lying and manipulating black voters to stoke fear and intimidation.

Debra Messing, the “Will and Grace” TV show actress, just launched the latest attack on people the Left can’t control. She retweeted a message put out by a black pastor in Alabama who is a puppet for the Left instead of being a prophet for the Lord.

He put on the marquee sign outside of his church:

“A black vote for Trump is mental illness.”

Debra Messing praised the pastor and used her considerable social media following to express her agreement and to say, “Thank you.” President Trump aptly dubbed her Debra “The Mess” Messing.

This is the woman who has spent much of her career trying to convince the rest of us that abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism and even sexualizing children with “drag queen story time” are normal behaviors.

However, voting for Trump if you are black, is mental illness?

If you are white and support President Trump, you are racist?

These Leftists are a cancer on our culture and politics. They sow hatred and division and try to destroy anyone who will not bow to their bizarre way of thinking.

These Marxists are using race as a substitute for Communist class warfare. They do not want “social justice”. They want social and political control. Their true intentions must be exposed.

We are experiencing the lowest unemployment rate among blacks in the history of keeping employment records. Opportunity Zones are being created to bring private sector innovation and investment into the inner city. Plans have been implemented to help those who have been unjustly imprisoned or whose sentences are disproportionate. (Based on his policies, it is indisputable that President Trump is no racist.)

With that track record, a reasonable case could be made that it is crazy for a black voter not to support President Trump. However, STAND does not exist to advocate for or against candidates but to advocate for the truth.

STAND is a nonprofit organization. We do not endorse or oppose candidates or expend resources on campaigns. We do, however, educate and inform people of the truth and expose the lies.

When we see racial demagoguery, we are going to condemn it. When we see anti-American hatred or anti-Christian bigotry, we are going to oppose it and challenge those who promote it.

We refuse to fear. What can they do to us? Ban me from twitter? Well, they did that, and I haven’t backed off one inch.

Because of your faithful prayers, support and giving, we have gotten stronger and stronger over the ten years since STAND was established. We are just getting started.

We will not quit until America is no longer threatened by these Godless, Marxist demagogues and propagandists who would destroy the greatest nation in the history of mankind. We will never be a Marxist, socialist or communist nation — not on our watch.

Thank you for your patriotism and loyalty to our country and Constitution. God bless you, and may He continue to bless the United States of America.

Earl Walker Jackson is a Virginia-based attorney and minister, and a previous Republican-party nominee for the Virginia Lieutenant Governor.

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