Two Reasons to Vote

Two Reasons to Vote

By Michael J. Lewinski  01/31/20

There are two separate reasons to vote for President Donald Trump. First, the unprecedented prosperity, security and expansion of our freedoms speak to why you should vote for the President. Second, the Progressive, Democratic Socialists/Communists’ threat to undo President Trump’s progress brings great danger to our county.

One of these dangers involves their proposals for unlimited access to abortions. Mayor Pete Buttigieg believes it is not the government’s place to be in a position to decide about abortion. He believes those decisions can only be made by the woman and her doctor. In other words, he believes society should not speak on behalf of the human life they intend to take. He says, “Women are increasingly subject to health care policies that restrict their freedom, threaten their safety, and jeopardize their lifelong well-being.”

Do you believe that only the mother and her doctor should be the only persons to decide about taking a human life? Do you believe that someone should speak up on behalf of innocent human beings? If so, you should vote for President Donald Trump and the other Conservative candidates like Micah Beckwith who will protect the innocent.

If you value our prosperity, you should vote for President Trump and other Conservative candidates like Jim Banks. They will preserve the competitive free market system that provides our prosperity. Mayor Pete Buttigieg thinks big government could do a better job.

This Progressive has said, “But government does need to be a vigorous presence in ensuring that our economy actually works for all. That means strict enforcement of new and existing labor laws…That means public investment…” Public investment, which means larger, bureaucratic government, is riddled throughout his economic plans.

Public investment is included for his proposals for public education from birth through college, national paid family and medical leave, and public housing options along with many other economic plans. Public regulations, [the re-regulation of the economy] are among the plans Progressives have for destroying the economy. If you don’t want this, vote for President Trump.



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