United, America Will Survive All Three Phases of Treason

United, America Will Survive All Three Phases of Treason

by Dennis JamisonJune 16, 2020

Treason and tyranny are ancient and succeed due to deception and ignorance based upon lies and mental laziness. However, tyranny endures well in a culture of fear due to viable threats, the demonstration of physical force, and outright violence. What Americans and the entire world are seeing in this time is an attempt at overthrowing the United States of America. The worst enemy is the internal enemy because those ones once trusted, are different from who they appeared to be in a different time, or in a different light. America now has to deal with the domestic enemies in our midst whether we want to or not, whether we like it or not.
Treason is as old as the United States of America, although a majority of Americans would not realize it. Treason goes all the way back to the beginning of the nation. While citizens just celebrated Flag Day and the birthday of the U.S. Army, many Americans would likely be shocked to know that U.S. Army officers at the highest levels under George Washington had plotted to take over the infant Republic. The Newburgh Conspiracy is not well known. However, it is reviewable via many historical sources. Top officers who did not share George Washington’s belief that the U.S. should be a free country, intended to seize control of the U.S. Army before General George Washington could disband the troops after the revolution.

That treason ended with General Washington. Through a loyal officer, the old general found out about some details of the timeline of the implementation of treasonous actions. He then called a preemptive meeting of all his officers, and he essentially talked them out of their dark treachery by appealing to the conscience of each of them, as well as reminding them of a deeper purpose behind the War for Independence. General George Washington is viewed by some historians as the embodiment of the ideals and virtues behind the War. Indeed, he understood that the new nation would no longer abide by the norms of tyranny.

Treason visited the United States once again, although many Americans were not taught about it. Treason led to the near destruction of the fledgling Republic in the days of the American Civil War. It is not well known because there are other aspects of the Civil War that are viewed as having more importance. Yet, evidence of the treason in the White House just after Abraham Lincoln was elected president can be reviewed through various historical sources. The attempt to create a new nation from the old nation was the basic concept, and the propaganda at the time from the Confederate States tried to justify the insurrection as the “Second Revolution.”

Democrats before the election of 1860 threatened to secede from the Union if an anti-slavery candidate were elected POTUS. In that time, Southern Democrats had institutionalized racism in their “peculiar institution” of African slavery that they justified in various ways. Christian voices and abolitionists threatened that institution by shedding light on it. Abolitionists were the most vociferous in to eliminate slavery. They saw it as a violation of moral law. The southern slave owners also felt threatened by Abraham Lincoln, and though not an abolitionist, Lincoln was on record as hating slavery.

The Democrat insurrection built steadily soon after Lincoln won the 1860 election. First, South Carolina seceded from the Union. Democrat Governor Gist of South Carolina demanded that President James Buchanan surrender U.S. forts in Charleston Harbor. A second letter dated January 12, 1861, from the newly elected Governor Francis W. Pickens additionally demanded that Buchanan surrender Fort Sumter because, “I regard that possession is not consistent with the dignity or safety of the State of South Carolina.”

Rumors reached president-elect Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois, that President Buchanan had surrendered the federal forts in South Carolina. Reports indicate that when Lincoln heard the rumors, he was purported to have said that if it were true, Buchanan should have been hanged.

Lincoln understood the Constitution. The rumors, however, were unsubstantiated. Nevertheless, southern Democrats in President Buchanan’s cabinet were outraged that Buchanan would not surrender federal forts to Governor Pickens. More dramatically, treasonous activity surfaced in Buchanan’s White House well before newly elected president Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as president in 1861.

Buchanan’s pro-southern cabinet included four men who were substantial slave owners, who sought to undermine Lincoln. But, in undermining Lincoln, they were undermining the nation, as they breached treasonous territory. Democrat John Floyd of Virginia, Secretary of War, made threats to resign if Buchanan refused to hand over federal forts—even in the event that the president would order supplies or soldiers to reinforce the fort against potential insurrection. Posing the possibility, Floyd stated that “It would be an act of aggression against South Carolina which I cannot be a party to; I will resign my office before I will sign such an order.”

Even more treacherous was Secretary Floyd’s diversion of significant arms shipments and military hardware to southern forts. Those forts were seized directly after Fort Sumter fell.  Floyd was also suspected of diverting $850,000 out of the U.S. Treasury with a vague excuse of dealing with “Indian affairs.”

Buchanan’s Secretary of the Treasury, Howell Cobb of Georgia, may have assisted Floyd with the disappearance of the huge sum. Cobb eventually resigned in December 1860. Then on February 4, 1861, Cobb became president of the convention of seceded states. Under Howell Cobb’s guidance, southern Democrats drafted a constitution for the Confederate States of America (CSA) and elected Senator Jefferson Davis as provisional president.

Floyd and Cobb seemingly did as much damage as possible before resigning. Floyd resigned in a display of self-righteous indignation over Buchanan’s handling of Fort Sumter. President Davis was formally elected to a full six-year term on November 6, 1861 and inaugurated on February 22, 1862. As president of the C.S.A., Davis, called up 100,000 men from the militias in the rebel states, and readied for war.

Such treason successfully led to seizing control of the southern based U.S. Army forts as well as the weapons and munitions. President Davis initiated the war by ordering Confederate forces to seize Fort Sumter. The ensuing war was intended to defend the southern tyranny over their slave populations. However, suspicions indicate that the intent (minus the propaganda) aimed for destroying the Union, which had become an impediment to the expansion of slavery.

Today, Democrat insurrection built steadily soon after Donald Trump won the 2016 election. Trump is a direct impediment to the expansion of the tyranny of the criminal cabal of Democrat leaders, Socialist-Democrats (infant Communists), the Globalists, and some “Never Trumper” GOP elitists. But recently, the target of the political criminal cabal is the hardworking American citizens who trust in Trump.

True Americans are aware. The worst enemy is the internal enemy—the domestic enemy. Treason and the physical force and outright violence of their brownshirt militants like Antifa and the Black Lives Matter group must be met by the unity of the people of conscience. It requires a “top-down and a grassroots-up” response. Trump and true patriots need to continue to shine light upon the dark treasonous endeavors of the domestic enemy.

United America Will Stand – Not kneel!

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