United “We the People” Shall Stand — United We Preserve Our Freedom!

United “We the People” Shall Stand — United We Preserve Our Freedom!

By Dennis JamisonMay 28, 2020

In the wake of Memorial Day weekend, usually less a solemn time of year, Americans in days past, would look forward to the beginning of summer. Normally, only a passing flash of a distant memory would be revived through a parade, or a simple ceremony, or even just meeting an old veteran with stories of sacrifice in time of war. Memorial Day is hard because it was born from the death of hundreds of thousands of Union servicemen. Yet, despite those memories, does the sacrifice of countless men and women who died for their country still make an impact in people’s minds?

That there were people who were willing to give their lives for the sake of freedom was born into the DNA of the American people. But does the willingness to sacrifice for others still resonate with the people?

America has indeed grown a great deal since the days of the founding. The United States is no longer simply a land of European descendants. And, the Marxists among us would like to use that as a basis for dividing the people. Divide and conquer has worked for centuries. To divide through ignorance and through fear or intimidation has worked very well for those who prefer to control people through race, religion, sex, or levels of wealth. To divide is the specialty and task of those who prefer to control others. Memorial Day is a simple day used to honor those who gave their lives who fought against those who controlled others’ lives. Those Union soldiers who fought and died at Gettysburg and elsewhere gave the last full measure of devotion to preserve a nation that resisted those who preferred to control others.

The witty intellectual arguments over the causes of the American Civil War in recent years will betray the mentality or ideology of those behind the arguments. Often, they do not reflect what President LIncoln believed about saving the Union, but many of his words reflect a desperate man, but a strong and stubborn man. He refused to let the nation that had been “conceived in liberty” die. He was not a man of violence, but he would not back down from the internal threat to our great Republic. He intuitively knew that slavery was evil, and expressed his hatred of it. It is why the Southern Democrat power structure hated Lincoln. That hatred was the internal cause of the Civil War.  The slave owners and those they placed in power in the states and the national government would rather sacrifice the nation for their objectives, which included controlling other people’s lives – their slaves.

In a Memorial Day article, I asked about America today – whether we were not truly in another civil war. Are we not already in a serious battle for the soul of America? It is hard not to see it, especially with the help of COVID-19, Americans should now see what the Communist Chinese government is really like. With the help of COVID-19, Americans now should see that some of the “Democratic” governors really behave more like some Chinese Communists when they can disregard or blatantly trample basic freedoms within the “Land of the Free.” Discernable efforts show similar methods utilized in controlling people. If American citizens cannot see these realities, it is either because the mainstream media is not doing its job, or people are too oblivious to what is happening before their very eyes.

We are already in a serious battle for the soul of America, especially in this crucial election year.  Socialists are testing whether this nation, “conceived in Liberty” will continue to endure. Socialist politicians and Communists must be actively working, now more than ever, to undermine our Republic. Domestic enemies are in alliance with the serious international threat from communist China and her allies. Globalists, akin to the slave owners of the Deep South are currently able to spend millions to place people in power in state and national government. They have no genuine or legitimate interest in this nation as it was founded. It is increasingly clear that this is the time to press for their sinister objectives, which includes controlling other people’s lives.

So, there is a force to destroy the nation, and worry about who controls what, after the smoke and dust clear from this epic conflict. It is also clear that President Trump and those who support him represent the existential threat to the people who prefer to control other people’s lives. Truly, it matters not what it is called in this time; history will record it as best it will. The real question for us now, is whose side we are on? With Memorial Day memories of the ones who gave their lives that this nation might live, what of citizens today? Will contemporary citizens take up the unfinished work, which those patriots so nobly advanced in years past? Many see the dangers; the proverbial writing on the wall, but who will answer the call?

Indeed, citizens are already awake to the realities in which they find themselves immersed. Some are already at work—whether they like to admit they are in a civil war or not. Truly, after awakening, people still need to arise; and after arising, they still need to take action if they are to save our Republic. Chattering away on social media channels, at least if one is not entirely banned by Facebook overlords or Twitter tyrants, is only one level of involvement. Taking action is another level;  it requires a different muscle group.

Citizens need to band together, to find local organizations that are strongly resisting those who seek to control their lives. Citizens concerned over the loss of religious freedom, need to band together to worship God, and to support each other. Those concerned over loss of the freedom of speech due to censorship need to band together, to support alternative social media sites like USA.Life. Citizens concerned over efforts to control their assembly, need to band together, to freely demonstrate that they have the right to assemble. It is a fundamental freedom that patriots died to preserve.

Citizens need to hold onto their rights by boldly exercise their freedoms for the entire world to see. Who would stand in the way of preserving our fundamental freedoms? Oh yes—those who prefer to control other people’s lives. So, true Americans are needed now to stand together for our freedoms. United “We the People” shall stand—united we preserve our Freedom!

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