US Post Office: The Trump Conspiracy de jour

US Post Office: The Trump Conspiracy de jour

by Jack Meyer, 8/18/2020

Let’s see, there was the Russia hoax… that was proven false. Then there was the Ukraine phone call hoax. The US House got an impeachment vote out of that, but the Senate didn’t buy it, nor did most of the American people… plus the timing wasn’t right to impact the election. So the Democrats now cry that President Trump has totally blown the COVID-19 pandemic.  That doesn’t seem to be gaining traction either.

Conspiracy du jour:  The Democrats cry that Trump is trying to sabotage elections by messing with the Post Office.

So, here is one last ditch effort to hang a scandal around the President’s neck. The Post Office scandal!

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have all Democrats singing from the same songbook. President Trump is defunding the Post Office so that Mail-in votes can’t be counted this Fall.   He is rigging the election!

Let’s explore this for a moment. The Post Office has NOT been defunded. The Post Office is not funded by the US Government but by the sale of postage. It is intended to be self-sustaining.  While it’s funding is not from the US Government, the Congress has bailed it out when it has had financial trouble. Between 2007 and 2019, the Post Office lost $69 billion!  Losses continue and Covid has negatively impacted it as it has many businesses.  In July, the US Treasury agreed to loan the Post Office $10 billion dollars for ongoing operations. This will allow the service to be fully operational for the next year.  The Post Office has not been defunded!

The Democrats cry that Trump is trying to sabotage elections by messing with the Post Office.  Let’s apply the simple logic test here. If every voter in America voted by mail, would it bring the Postal Service to its knees? They handle 2.5 billion first class pieces of mail during the two weeks before Christmas with no problem. They just handled 53 million US census mailings without batting an eye.  Why would an extra 153 million ballots impact them when handled over 30 – 45 days?

Well, if it isn’t an issue with ballots, what is it? Democrats are saying Trump is going to cause the nation’s social security recipients to not receive their checks on time. Sorry, but Social Security payments have not used checks in a long time. All funds are deposited directly into recipient accounts.

So What is this Post Office Hoopla All About?

The Post Office has had financial troubles for years. This June, Trump tapped Louis DeJoy to be the new PostMaster General to start directing the organization toward solvency. DeJoy began making changes immediately, and some have disrupted service. As those issues arose, he worked to correct the problems immediately, assuring people that he intends that no reduction in service would result from changes being made. After meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, DeJoy agreed to suspend any further changes for 90 days, until after the election, to avoid unintended service disruptions and to avoid the appearance of doing anything impacting the Postal system for political reasons.

PostMaster General DeJoy did voice one concern regarding the upcoming elections. He asked that states not set something up for mail-in voting that the Post Office can handle. The big problem is that states, like Nevada, are planning to implement universal mail-in voting. They intend to send a ballot to every registered voter in the state, whether they ask for one or not.  

Many states do a terrible job of keeping the voter rolls cleaned up. It is estimated that in some states, 20% of the names on voter rolls have either moved or died. What will the state expect the Post Office to do with tens of thousands of undeliverable ballots? Consider how many places, in such a system, where undelivered ballots might make their way into the hands of people intending voter fraud, from either party!  Also, though this isn’t the Post Office’s problem, how will each state be able to tell if a voter votes in person AND by mail?

Some states have been doing all mail-in ballots for several election cycles now. While it is working pretty well in those states, election experts say other states should not even try to set up universal mail-in voting unless they have spent 5-10 years fine tuning systems that will check signatures and otherwise assure the integrity of the process. It would take years just to put in the infrastructure to do so.

Universal mail-in voting must be differentiated from absentee mail-in voting. Absentee ballots are mailed only to those who request them. Thus there is less risk of fraud.

President Trump has expressed concern over universal mail-in systems. He points to local elections that have fast tracked universal mail-in systems for primaries or other local elections and found thousands of ballots having to be thrown out or vote counts that have taken more than a month. Consider, he says, what a national election would look like with such problems.

Of course, Trump himself has made comments seeming to tie Post Office bail out money to mail-in voting. In spite of his bluster, the two issues are not related.

The Post Office “crisis” is no crisis at all.  It is another manufactured conspiracy that the Democrats wish to stir up because they can’t seem to get rid of Donald Trump by competing policy ideas.

American voters are too smart to fall for another conspiracy contrived by disgruntled Democrats.



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