USA.Life Launches! Hopes To Challenge the Facebook Monopoly!

USA.Life Launches! Hopes To Challenge the Facebook Monopoly!

Throughout 2018, social media giants came under serious scrutiny from the federal government. It was especially significant that millions of people all over the world were extremely concerned with the data breach of sensitive personal information off of Facebook via Cambridge Analytica as a way of profiling American voters. Facebook has become a questionable social media vehicle on an ever-increasing pace throughout 2019, yet people had little choice if they wanted to utilize the technology offered by this social media monopoly. And, since it only portrays itself as a public service for all (for all except genuine Christians, honest conservatives, and true patriots), it has increasingly lost value in the eyes of many Americans.

Nevertheless, though several alternatives to such social media monopolies have been attempted, the one that may offer the most hope as a David against the Goliath is USA.Life. This Wednesday the social media challenger is launching and will be ramping up. The concept behind the new social media platform is to elevate the social media arena into a next generation of social media outlets. It is the intent of founder Steven Andrew to provide a genuine alternative to Christians and conservatives who suffer censorship on Facebook or Twitter.

The hope is that all Christians and conservatives would want to take a hike away from the “Facebook Farm” and get behind such a grassroots effort – like a “walk away” from Facebook censorship and “freedom filters.”

Our friend Steven Andrew would address our readers in this way: What if you could go from censorship to freedom? Imagine getting honest, real news instead of fake news. How secure would you feel knowing you can keep your privacy online? You won’t be blocked at USA.Life, for believing like our founding fathers. After all, we know American beliefs are what make you safe, strong and blessed!  USA.Life is for all people who love America, whether they are on the right or the left.

In an article entitled “Are Facebook Censors Eroding Freedom of Speech?” in Canada Free Press, Dennis Jamison put it this way:

Regardless of whether American citizens see the reality of their freedoms being taken from them, their freedoms are being trampled upon in several different ways – the many examples of social media discrimination are just one area of the erosion of the freedom that the founders were willing to fight   for, and even willing to die for. They created a new nation centered upon the vision and values that enshrined freedom for all. In 1620, the Pilgrims landed in North America after a long and difficult journey braving hurricane force storms to cross the Atlantic because they wanted nothing more to do with blatant and even deadly persecution against their desire to worship God in their own way. With their lives they planted the seeds for a free land to grow on this continent.

Today, a question Americans should ask is whether hearings in the hallowed halls of Congress will truly help them to break free from the obvious discrimination of the social media monopolists, or whether they should take action themselves. Is is possible for this generation of Americans to break out of their comfort zones of leisure in the “land of the free” that was handed don to them, land to make a determined move to a new realm of social discourse? The future of freedom of speech may depend more upon the people than upon government. It did in 1776; will enough Americans get it in 2018?


USA.Life launches tomorrow. Check it out, and make the leap…

USA.Life is America’s new social network. USA.Life is the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, Conservatives, patriotic speech, family values and Liberty. This is where you share life, liberty and happiness, and connect with people important to you.


USA.Life is “far faster than Facebook”  –  Freedom Outpost

Thanks for joining USA.Life – the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty.    Let’s celebrate, for USA.Life officially launches Wednesday!

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