Veterans’ Day Tainted by Threat to Fair Elections

Veterans’ Day Tainted by Threat to Fair Elections

By Dennis Jamison ——-November 12, 2018

Americans may celebrate Veterans’ Day twice this year. The historical and official day to honor America’s veterans was Sunday, the 11th of November. However today, because Veterans’ Day was on a Sunday, federal government employees will take a day off from work. The genuine point of the holiday, nonetheless, is not just to enjoy free time. The true purpose of Veterans’ Day is to take some time to express a deeper sense of appreciation and gratitude for our nation’s veterans. And, this year the holiday follows the debris remaining from the 2018 midterm elections.

And before anyone wonders what Veterans’ Day may have to do with fallout from the 2018 midterms, readers should face the reality right now that it is because of veterans, there are free elections in the United States. Unfortunately, there is debris in the form of election corruption being committed despite the sacrifice, and in some cases supreme sacrifice, of those who have put on the uniform representing their country. This action of corruption of the vote, no matter what intentions may be, represents actual disrespect of those men and women currently in the military, and those who served in the past. It is definite disrespect for those who shed blood, or who gave their lives so that American citizens would have the right to vote.

Very tightly contested elections have generated claims of corruption by the GOP in the states of Arizona and Florida. The votes being counted in question come from Democrat -controlled districts where additional ballots have been discovered, or there has been an over counting of ballots. And in Arizona, there are questions of the authenticity of voters’ signatures on ballots. But it goes deeper, as in some cases there have been videos that have been posted online of suspicious transfer of bags or boxes presumably containing ballots. Despite the New York Times, and other mainstream media outlets, alleging that there is no fraud, a judge in Florida ruled that voter records should be examined in Broward County – a Democrat controlled stronghold. Is this DejaVu all over again?   

The contested elections will extend the midterm election outcome into mid-November.  It has been estimated that official ballot counting in Arizona will not be completed until November 14th, and in Florida not until November 18th. It seems that it is almost a never ending battle in Florida (especially in Broward County). Now attorneys for each major party are getting involved. The current Florida governor, Rick Scott, is directly involved because it is his Senate race victory the votes will confirm or reject. That is why Governor Scott has charged that a number of blatant violations of Florida’s election laws have occured in the counties of Broward and Palm Beach, in which a pattern of illegalities have been documented from past elections.

Florida has a history of allegations of corruption in elections, but the more spectacular election was in 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore. Recently, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, on CBS News, has also challenged the legal process of county validation of ballots because it was not followed in Broward County. The actual final number of ballots being tabulated kept increasing long after legal deadlines expired. Additionally,  a report on Sunday indicated that former Florida Lieutenant Governor, Jeff Kottkamp, revealed that a Florida campaign worker signed an affidavit declaring that the worker witnessed Broward County Elections staff filling out blank ballots. That may explain why they fired the worker, and why Brenda Snipes, Elections Supervisor of Broward County, cannot give any honest answer as to how many ballots still remain to be counted. They must still be calculating how many votes the Democrats need to win.

The Florida elections have now gone into a recount process and it will take even more time at taxpayers’ expense, and likely cast doubt over the legitimacy of the elections in this state, as well as many other states throughout the nation. In Florida, in the case of Brenda Snipes, it is not understandable why the state had allowed her to continue in her position. A lawsuit recently found her guilty of destroying ballots in the 2016 primaries. It is possible there is incompetence involved in many cases, as people are only human. However, as Rubio pointed out serious “incompetence provides opportunities for people who want to do wrong, to get away with it.” 

Rubio’s statement about incompetence and wrongdoing is backed up by U.S. history. The historical fact that evil people capitalize upon incompetence can be demonstrated at the highest levels of government, as well as in city councils and school boards. This is one of the reasons that the founders set in place a system of checks and balances in the federal and state governments as an attempt to keep people honest. It is why the father of the federal Constitution, James Madison, stated in Federalist 51:

But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In forming a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. When the right to vote is corrupted by a handful of individuals who are in positions of responsibility to protect the integrity of an election, chaos will erupt. When the value of voting is no longer considered honest and fair, people lose faith in voting, but also in the system of government that is supposed to protect the procedures for fair and honest elections. If the specific system of government under the Republic breaks down, it will mean that chaos will prevail.

Ballots are looked at as stepping stones to power – by leaders of each major political party. And, if those leaders are prepared to bend or break the laws established to protect the integrity of elections, the real losers are the American people. The whole purpose of casting a ballot is then eradicated. This is what is occurring in 2018. Voters should be adamant that their choices are accepted. If elections are stolen, the Republic can dissolve into a third world dictatorship or some globalist oligarchy. Is America that close to falling into either extreme?

What does this have to do with Veterans’ Day? The short answer is: everything. Millions of Americans have spilled their blood so that tyranny could be destroyed—from the very beginning of the birth of the Republic. Freedom is in the historical DNA of America. The men and women who have served, and those who serve today, have placed themselves on the front lines to defend freedom, especially the freedom to choose one’s leadership and future direction of the nation. It may have a lot to do with why people join the military in the first place. An attempt to steal an election is a giant step toward tyranny.  It represents an insult to those who proudly serve the nation (the rest of us).

It must be remembered, however, the theft of votes has already occurred –  in 2016. The Democratic National Committee predetermined the outcome of their presidential primary under the pretense of a fair election. Ask Bernie Sanders’ supporters how that worked out. Probably, Hillary Clinton would simply retort: “What difference does it make?” All Americans should actually worry about the “Democratic” Party as it is not looking too democratic these days.

American citizens should seriously worry about the “Democratic” Party as it has already demonstrated that it cannot be trusted with free elections. All Americans should worry about the “Democratic” Party because in 2018 it demonstrated that it is quite satisfied in a one-party system as evidenced by their domination of Kalifornia. American citizens who care about the future of a democratic Republic should honestly worry about the “Democratic” Party because in 2016 and in 2018, their leaders were quite comfortable to use Brown Shirts to intimidate regular citizens. This is how Benito Mussolini with his Black Shirts, and Adolf Hitler with his Brown Shirts, intimidated voters in their respective countries to affect election outcomes.

The right to vote is sacred, and all Americans should become more aware of corruption in the political arena.  In the current political climate, those who handle the responsibility of election results need to be held accountable for fair elections. They should also know that they have as much responsibility for the protection of the Republic as those who serve in the Armed Forces. When America loses its freedom to vote, it loses its freedom, as much as if it were defeated by a conquering army.

Dennis Jamison

Dennis Jamison reinvented his life after working for a multi-billion dollar division of Johnson & Johnson for several years. Currently retired from West Valley College in California, where he taught for nearly 10 years, he now writes articles on history and American freedom for various online publications.

Formerly a contributor to the Communities at the Washington Times and Fairfax Free Citizen, his more current articles appear in Canada Free Press and Communities Digital News. During the 2016 presidential primaries, he was the leader of a network of writers, bloggers, and editors who promoted the candidacy of Dr. Ben Carson. Jamison founded “We the People” – Patriots, Pilgrims, Prophets Writers’ Network and the Citizen Sentinels Network. Both are volunteer groups for grassroots citizen-journalists and activists intent on promoting and preserving the inviolable God-given freedoms rooted in the founding documents. 

Jamison also co-founded to identify, counsel, and support citizen-candidates, who may not have much campaign money, but whose beliefs and deeds reflect the role of public servants rather than power-hungry politicians.  ​

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