Voter Fraud Update: People Vote, Shave Their Heads, And Try To Vote Again In NYC

Voter Fraud Update: People Vote, Shave Their Heads, And Try To Vote Again In NYC

by Def Con News – 11/10/2020

It’s hard to tell what is more prevalent: voter fraud or democrats denying that voter fraud exists. With the election only a few days a way and voting already underway in most places, there’s more voter fraud than democratic party bullshit. Actually, those two things are the same. In Florida, officials busted up an attempt to register dead people as democrats and in New York, some losers voted, shaved their heads, and then came back to vote again.

First there is this from the Orlando Sentinel:

Authorities have uncovered an attempt to register dozens of dead people as Democratic voters in Broward County.

Though officials said no mail-in ballots were requested or cast under the falsified voter IDs, the scheme exposes weaknesses in Florida’s voter registration process, which relies partially on the honor system.

Democrats figured out how to beat the honor system by not having any honor.

An unknown person in Columbia, S.C., submitted at least 54 new voter applications in July in the same neat handwriting to the Broward elections office, several in each of 19 envelopes. Many of the voters were elderly, and had recently died in the Northeast.

Almost all of them were flagged by Broward elections office staff as suspicious, and turned over to the Broward State Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors have been watching since August, in a sting operation to catch the culprit, internal correspondence shows.

At least three of the applications evaded detection, and were indeed added to the Broward voter rolls in July. Two of the people had died in June…

Broward Elections Supervisor Pete Antonacci revealed the fraud when the Sun Sentinel inquired this week about three mysterious voter ID cards sent to a Davie man’s home. He concluded they were part of the larger scam. All the voter ID cards were sent to strangers’ homes in the same Davie neighborhood.

“This is an organized effort by someone who knew a little bit about Florida law but not a lot, and had a scheme to either undermine the Florida registration system with fake voters, or intended to vote 50 times,” said Antonacci.

“For Joe Biden.” There, I fixed it for you.

The Orlando Sentinel also noted, “Registering dead or fraudulent voters is illegal, but not difficult.” Yes, because democrats claim that making it difficult to register dead people or fraudulently vote is voter suppression and racist.

Next, The New York Post reports that some vote fraudsters in NYC tried a more low-tech approach to support the democratic party:

The NYPD is investigating an allegation that people tried to vote illegally in The Bronx on Thursday — by shaving their heads to change their appearance, The Post has learned.

The incident took place around 2 p.m. when the group of would-be voters entered an early-voting site at St. Frances de Chantal Church in Throggs Neck, law enforcement sources said.

Despite their attempts at disguise, a person at the polling place recognized them as having voted there previously and confronted them, sources said.

The group ran out and got away in two vehicles, but the person followed them, recorded the license plates and called 911, sources said.

Isn’t AOC’s district in the Bronx?

Before anyone points out that the NY Post article makes no mention of these head-shaving fraudsters being democrats, I’d like to point out that there is no way in hell they aren’t democrats. Prove me wrong.

Democrats keep telling us that voter fraud doesn’t exist and we keep seeing stories like these proving that democrats are full of shit. The irony is, if voter fraud really didn’t exist, neither would democrats because that the only way they can win elections.

Voter ID laws would solve all of this garbage, which is why democrats are against having to prove who you are to cast a ballot.

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