Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Sanctuary Cities and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Sanctuary Cities and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The liberal media is over the moon that Virginia’s legislature flipped from red to blue, but there were some other less progressive votes last Tuesday that aren’t getting as much coverage. In liberal Tucson, Arizona, voters rejected becoming a sanctuary city and in minority-rich Kansas City, Martin Luther King Jr. lost a boulevard. The state of Virginia may have changed political persuasions, but at least there are still some pockets of sanity left in this country.

Let’s start with this overwhelmingly good news from

Tucson voters overwhelmingly opted against the “sanctuary city” initiative, which would have limited the circumstances in which police officers could ask about immigration status.

Partial results for Proposition 205, also known as The Tucson Families Free and Together Initiative, showed 58,820 voters, or 71.4%, voted “no” on the proposal compared to just 23,562, or 29%, who voted “yes.”

The vote ends months of contentious debate over whether Tucson, which is located just 65 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border, would buck a state law that prevents sanctuary cities and become Arizona’s only city to formally limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

The Tucson initiative took aim at SB 1070, Arizona’s controversial 2010 immigration law that not only prohibited sanctuary cities — but also requires police to verify the immigration status of anyone suspected of not being in the country legally.

The radical leftist organization behind this push to make Tucson a sanctuary city apparently hasn’t realized they lost:

“We are incredibly proud of the hard work and inspiring commitment of our team and the hundreds of Tucsonans who made this campaign their very own. Through this effort, we were able to uplift an important city-wide conversation that changed Tucson for the better,” said the People’s Defense Initiative in a statement.

The vote was 71% to 29% against becoming a sanctuary city. That’s not only a loss, it’s an embarrassing beat-down.

In other surprising news, Kansas City got rid of MLK Blvd. as reported by Fox 4:

Ten months after the Kansas City Council voted to rename The Paseo after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., voters have decided to change it back.

In last Tuesday’s special municipal election, Kansas Citians overwhelmingly voted in favor of changing the historic boulevard back to its original name.

With 99% of precincts reporting, just over 31,000, or about 69%, voted “Yes” to bring the Paseo back while just over 13,900, or about 31%, voted “No.”

That’s another defeat that is significant considering the city’s demographics. The population of Kansas City is 45% minority, so even many non-white residents voted to strike down MLK Blvd.

Then city council members voted 8-4 in January to rename The Paseo after the civil rights leader, but they were quickly met with frustration from some residents.

A grassroots movement called Save The Paseo collected nearly 3,000 signatures to put the renaming to a citywide vote on the November ballot.

Supporters of keeping the Paseo name pointed to the boulevard’s history. It’s one of KC’s oldest boulevards, stretching nearly 10 miles. They also felt citizens, particularly residents along the Paseo, were left out of the decision-making process.

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