Voting and Protecting the Vote – Our Best Hope to Keep the Republic

Voting and Protecting the Vote – Our Best Hope to Keep the Republic

By Dennis JamisonOctober 21, 2020

It is painful to observe the charade that America is still a constitutional republic. Anyone paying attention to the presidential election on the eve of the final debate must wonder how corrupt public officials and criminals manage to run for office in the United States. Americans have lost the capability to discern the difference between good and evil as we allow the charade to move forward providing one precedent after another to place a foundation of corrupt behavior to not only be rewarded, but to be ingrained into the very fabric of the political process in this nation. One of the major breaking stories regarding one of the candidates has been blatantly suppressed by those who pretend to provide a public service to citizens. This is how an oligarchy operates.

The ideological network that binds the social media corporations to the Big Democrat machine cannot be deemed a threat simply because the “dogma speaks quite loudly” in such media mogul oligarchs. And the ideological network harbors cooperation and a real commitment to defeat the Trump Revolution at all costs—even blatant censorship,  not matter what kind of flowery excuse may be required to make it seem that there is no real harm in silencing truth, or silencing an entire portion of the population. This is how an oligarchy operates – making citizens believe “there is nothing to see here.”

America has arrived at the point that Benjamin Franklin prophesied in 1787 as he urged patriots to sign the newly created Constitution:

I confess that there are several parts of this constitution which I do not at present approve, but I am not sure I shall never approve them: For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged by better information, or fuller consideration, to change opinions even on important subjects, which I once thought right, but found to be otherwise…

In these sentiments, Sir, I agree to this constitution with all its faults, if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other. I doubt too whether any other Convention we can obtain, may be able to make a better constitution.  (emphasis mine)

Much of the strength & efficiency of any government in procuring and securing happiness to the people, depends on opinion; on the general opinion of the goodness of the Government, as well as of the wisdom and integrity of its governors. I hope therefore that for our own sakes as a part of the people, and for the sake of posterity, we shall act heartily and unanimously in recommending this constitution… and turn our future thoughts & endeavors to the means of having it well administered.

Franklin was providing a common-sense warning to his fellow delegates, but not only to them, but to us, who want to keep our Republic. Americans are now in that time in which we as a people have become so tolerant of corruption that it becomes hard to separate from it—it becomes hard to be protected from the corruption. So, Americans are on the threshold of falling into the realm of being incapable of any other government than a despotism, which is one of the choices for citizens in 2020—despotism in the form of a Socialist utopian illusion. Such a theme has been repeated in recent months as the Democrat Party has morphed into the Party of the ideological network of absolute control, on so many different levels it is frightening to those who can see the proverbial “handwriting on the wall.”

Sadly, many Citizens do not have the “eyes to see” this warning, nor would they grasp the intent of Franklin’s prophetic warning. When corruption reigns, and good people are not willing to do anything about it, they deserve the government they allow. Americans in this time are not clamoring in protest over censorship, so oligarchs take that to mean their corruption is acceptable—like children testing the limits of their parents’ standards. This election will either place the public’s rubber stamp of acceptance on the corruption and the misuse and abuse of power, or the people will rise up, united in spirit and voice to reinforce the Trump Revolution of draining the swamp.

In 2020, as in 2016, the election is not a fair contest, as Trump is fighting an ideological network rooted in an oligarchical organization that seized power years ago. However, in 2016, they were not totally worried about Trump winning the election. When he did, that is when all hell broke loose and all the coordinated efforts of the Deep State, the Party apparatus, the media, and social media moguls and even Hollywood elitists mobilized against Donald Trump and those who support him. However, conscientious voters can still make a difference in 2020. The unity of the people can prolong the Trump train to advance what was begun in 2016. But, other swamps in the rest of the country need to be drained as well, so it is not just about Trump or no Trump.

There are key battleground states where elections will determine the future of those states as well as the future of the nation. The real existential threat to our free Republic is whether the American citizens can get up off their couches in order to go cast a vote in person as opposed to buying into the mail-in ballots or sending an e-mail ballot in those states that are allowing that questionable method of voting. Still,  in 2020, it is not just about getting up off the couch and voting in person. It is about being willing to protect the integrity of the vote in order to keep the Republic. For sure, people must vote. But, brave patriots who can need to volunteer to be poll workers or poll watchers. This is because this year’s election has the makings of an election that could be seen as similar to those in the proverbial “banana republics.”
The potential for fraudulent activity in the counting of the ballots is high – whether it may be the vote-by-mail debacle, or the manufacturing of blank ballots to be used to offset losses of any political party. In 2020, more than ever before the integrity of our future elections are at stake because the precedents of action in the response of “We the People” to maintain free and fair elections. Alert citizens have to take seriously the responsibility to report anything that appears out of the ordinary based upon common knowledge and common sense regarding proper voting procedures. However, people should not be too quick to cry “wolf” (or fraud). Reporting to the proper local authorities in one’s state, or to utilize national voting assistance websites like “MyFaithVotes” or “True the Vote” as they have tabs people can explore to find out how to report fraud.

True Americans are needed now to be strong and of good courage to keep our Constitutional Republic, and to continue the Trump Revolution to restore America to its greatness as the genuine leader of the Free World. Securing freedom in the United States first will ensure that a Free World can remain free. It requires good people to do the right thing on or before Election Day.

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