Wake Up America!

Wake up America! – Democrat leaders do not have your best interests in mind

By Kendra Miller  2/19/19

The last few weeks have left me speechless at the audacity and sheer insanity that the Democrat  leaders believe passes for reality.

Based on their recent activities they care more about illegal foreigners than the safety of American citizens; and protecting wildlife more than actual human lives, like helpless babies. Is it just me, or have American values shifted so much that we are willing to accept these decisions as being to our benefit?

Build the wall

My view on the wall and illegal aliens is very different from politicians and many Americans. My father came to the United States legally in the 1950s from a South Pacific country following his graduation from medical school. He did his internship at a hospital in Boston, moved to the mid-Atlantic region, met and married my mother, and then pursed his American citizenship. It was one of the proudest days of his life. Even though he’s been gone for more than 30 years, I still have the flag he received the day he became a citizen.

I am the first generation in our family born in the U.S. I graduated from college, have worked and paid taxes since I was 16, and have raised my own family of hard-working, tax-paying millennials. My one son even served in the U.S. Navy. It is a legacy that would make my father very proud.

I am not against letting individuals from other countries into the U.S. to contribute to our society in a meaningful way. I believe that they should come here legally through the proper channels and it is the responsibility of the President and our government to protect us from illegal aliens who don’t respect our country, our rules and regulations enough to enter the country legally. I support the wall as a way to make it more difficult for refugees and others to enter our country illegally. The Democrats, who wanted to build the wall under the previous Democratic presidents, have wasted so much time and money in the obstruction of its construction that it may have cost this country billions more than it would have cost to build it in the first place. Is that the best use of our tax dollars?

Late-term abortion

In a previous job I worked for the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, raising thousands of dollars to help babies born with life-altering defects or prevent their suffering from the defects altogether. Our efforts led to tremendous breakthroughs that would positively change the outcomes for millions of babies and their families.

As a Christian, I find any type of abortion wrong, but I find late-term abortions of children who could survive outside of their mother’s wombs particularly abominable. And yet, the Democrats condone the murder of these living, breathing children who could go on to do great things with their lives. Are the Democrat leaders authorizing killing the person who could find the cure for Alzheimer’s or cancer, killing the creator of a beautiful symphony or unforgettable work of art, or killing a future president of the United States? I guess we’ll never know because the Democrats do not believe these human beings deserve the right to live.

We cannot stand by dfand just watch the destruction of our country. The decisions being made by Democrat politicians who are more interested in thwarting the President’s every move than doing what is best for our country shows where their loyalties lie.

True Americans must speak up and carefully consider who we will support in the next election.

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