Wanted: Citizens with Courage to Make America Beautiful Again!

Wanted: Citizens with Courage to Make America Beautiful Again!

by Dennis Jamison – 10/20/20
America is no longer beautiful. And, if America is no longer beautiful, can God shed His grace on US? America is no longer beautiful because citizens have been so complacent in recent decades with regard to the freedoms that the founding generation and several of the following generations fought and died to establish and to preserve. Yet today, it is a sad commentary on our culture when people do not seem to see past the end of their noses. What made America truly beautiful? It was the people, and it still is true in part of the population, in parts of the country. Growing up in Iowa, one learns that the name in the Sioux language meant “beautiful land.” But the land is not that spectacular — flat and filled with cornfields for the most part. What made Iowa truly beautiful was the people. There were a lot of honest, down-to-earth, common sense oriented people who would help their neighbors in a heartbeat.    

On the other hand, on the other side of the country lies beautiful California, a beautiful land if there ever was one. But, it has its own flat farming areas too. However, many of the people are downright ugly and mean to one another. Hollywood elitist types tend to see themselves above the rest of the “riff-raff” in America. Leftist politicians from several ethnic groups tend to believe that they know better than the average “Joe.” Once they get elected to office, they have secured their seats of power, and they do not see that they are public servants — far from it. They take on the mantle of leadership like genuine entitlement or royal inheritance. The mandates of someone like elitist Governor Gavin Newsom,  nephew of Representative Nancy Pelosi, often ignore the very people who pay his salary. It is his upside-down version of leadership. 

Yet, the “Democratic” Party reigns supreme in California. The “Golden State” has become tarnished by the people; it has become a one-party state, which is a template for the rest of the nation. Many naive Americans did not believe that even as late as 2018, but now one can ask patriots in Colorado or Virginia how the Big Blue Machine is taking care of them as they are trending toward one-party statehood. While the election this year is crucial for the entire nation, one has to wonder how the Democrats have made such advances and have established autocratic oligarchies across the nation. All one had to do is reflect on the past months — who were the governors that became so famous for their autocratic mandates regarding COVID? And, while these “Democratic” governors were mandating masking and social distancing, they turned a blind eye when the Marxist-led insurrections occurred in specific locations. Some Democrat officials even participated with Marxist-based front groups like Black Lives Matter. 

How could this have happened in America the Beautiful? Actually, there is no single or no simple answer. However, a general theme could sum it up: all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Good people equals beautiful people — not externally beautiful, but those who possess a beauty of heart that no matter how ugly they may be, their beauty within covers it and it doesn’t matter what the external is. But, ugly people who are self-centered, selfish egotists, who care very little for others, who may have been outwardly attractive, began to run for office. And, they found out that the American citizens, on the whole, would vote for them because they were physically good looking, or with few blemishes. They found out that American citizens would vote for them if they promised the right things — even if they never delivered on their promises. 

Such selfish and self-centered people can be found in either party, but a political party can become so self-absorbed and drunk on sheer power, that it will seek out those who are like-minded. 

A political party such as this would require their core leaders to be completely loyal and no longer have distinctive or unique political characteristics or political viewpoints. Party would come before everything – even family – even faith – even the law. Most American citizens have just witnessed this happen with the Democrat leadership. Educated and politically savvy citizens would have recognized it. “Died-in-the-wool” Democrats who have real trouble with their discernment regarding their leaders are still drinking the Democrat Kool-Aid. Others, who may be more aware, are likely in denial. However, there are many who have fled the Party because it appears more like the Politburo than anything truly American. Seen it this light, the proliferation of propaganda by the foreign-owned mainstream media, and the promulgation of the lockdown mandates are quite understandable. The ultimate question remains as to whether the majority of American citizens care enough to vote them out of their seats of power.

And, this is truly the crux of the matter in the elections of 2020. It is not just about Trump or no Trump. There are quite a large number of elections throughout the country which will determine the future of states as well as the future of the nation. The real existential threat to our free Republic is whether the American citizens can be bothered enough to get up off their couches and go cast a vote in person as opposed to buying into the mail-in ballots of e-mail ballots. If American citizens cannot even do that, they do not qualify to live in our Constitutional Republic. Many already think they live in a democracy, and that is what they will deserve. They get who and what they vote for and that may not be what was promised more often than not. 

But in 2020, it is not just about getting up off the couch and voting in person. It is about being willing to protect the Republic. This year’s election has the potential to set the bar or the standard for fraudulent activity with regard to the counting of the ballots – whether it may be the vote-by-mail debacle, or the manufacture of ballots to offset losses of any political party — and anyone can cheat. In 2020, more than ever before the integrity of future elections are at stake. The precedent for manipulating the outcomes of elections has been established long ago — by self-centered, Party first politicians. It is interesting to note at this point that Donald Trump’s campaign slogan to make America Great Again was, and still is, a slogan that implies America first, not Party first. But, this slogan made the Left crazy. In comparison, without a slogan of like kind, the Democrats demonstrate through their actions that they are primarily about the Democrat autocracies first, and the rest of America be damned. It shows up as Party-centric rather than embracing most of America. This is the reason that such a political party no longer has value or relevance in the United States of America. 

American citizens who care about the nation and the principles of our Constitutional Republic must demonstrate their inner beauty in this election if we are to keep it. Now, there is very little choice. For sure, people must vote. But, brave patriots who can need to volunteer to be poll workers. In case of any dispute, a poll worker has somewhat of a bit more credibility than a poll watcher. If litigation stems from an action or inaction in a polling place, poll workers, who are authorized by their state boards of election have a bit more credibility. However, if people are able to become a poll watcher, there is value in what you can testify to as a citizen. And in 2020, it has come down to both the major political parties being ready, willing, and able to contest or defend the election results.

Christian citizens who care about the nation and the principles of our Constitutional Republic must take a stand, and not just vote, but volunteer to be involved in polling places to whatever a degree they may feel comfortable — even if it is just doing prayer walks around the polling places, or having a prayer service near the polling places, and demonstrating respect for the safe distances set up for such activities so ‘electioneering’ does not become an excuse for removing prayer groups. Additionally, alert citizens have the responsibility to report anything that appears out of the ordinary based upon simple common knowledge and common sense of voting procedures. People should not be too quick to cry “wolf” or fraud. Reporting to the proper local authorities in one’s state is one good start to expose irregular behavior.

America the beautiful can be restored, but it cannot be done without God, nor can it be done without beautiful Americans stepping it up in these final days before the election. The entirety of the political establishment, who view most Americans as low information dupes or a “basket of deplorables,” are again pulling out all the stops against Donald Trump. If it was observable in 2016, it should certainly be visible in 2020. So, American citizens, who realize that Donald Trump is putting them first, and who realize he needs a strong team to complete what he has started, need to do what it takes to fully ensure all elections across the country are fair and free. Beautiful citizens, willing to restore the Republic can make America Beautiful again. Then, God could shed His grace upon us once again.

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