We all Need Money to Live

We all Need Money to Live

By Linda Rost, 04/24/2020

Unless you are a criminal who takes without giving anything in return, you earn your money through the act of exchange.  You either trade your time and skills at a job, or you sell something you own. Or your business offers items or services for which other people are willing to pay.  When you take out a loan, you trade the loaned funds for interest. And if you get money as a gift, you offer gratitude, which makes the gift-giver feel good.

Our prosperity occurs in direct proportion to the quantity and volume of transactions in which we earn money in return for something exchanged.

Even our states get most of their money when such exchanges occur through property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, social insurance taxes. As more and more transactions occur, the higher the opportunity to assess fees and taxes.

Most of us hate taxes, but at least the fact that our states’ accounts fill when its citizens prosper keeps our government on the same playing field as the rest of us. We expect our government to create a safe and un-burdensome regulatory environment that promotes business activity so we can all prosper.

With the COVID-19 virus crisis, our governors are juggling regulations that directly affect the safety of our bodies and our livelihood.  However, recent demonstrations indicate some of our governors are exerting too much control.

With our current system, when we do well, our state governments do too. For that reason, the federal government should not give the states bail-out money during this COVID-19 crisis. If our states get bailed out by the federal government, they will lose the incentive to balance government controls for our safety versus individual freedom to make a living.

Some government regulations are necessary. And so is the need for each of us to take personal responsibility. Let’s reopen our state and get back to work, while we take care to protect each other and ourselves from the virus. We can do both.

Republicans believe in limited government controls and personal responsibility — two factors that protect your liberty.

Register to vote and vote for Conservatives who will support and defend your values.

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