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We are at war, for God, our families, our country, our way of life – Citizen Sentinels Network

We are at war, for God, our families, our country, our way of life

We are at war, for God, our families, our country, our way of life

By  —-October 22, 2022

As of this writing the Nov. elections are 17 days away.  There will never be a more important midterm election in your lifetime.  It is vital that we all know and understand the issues and what is at stake.

Today’s Democrat Party is controlled by, what Tulsi Gabbard described as, ‘fanatical idealogues’.  They racialize every issue and politicize what they can’t racialize.  They are hostile to people of faith, and demean what they don’t understand. They actively work against our Constitution.

Planned subversion of our great nation

It’s as though evil has blanketed our country.  Yes, there is a sense of spiritual conflict to it all. There is too much coincidence, too much adversity happening all at once.  It has all the earmarks of a planned subversion of our great nation.  The antagonists are godless, without conscience, with loyalties to other entities. They have names like Soros, Zuckerberg, Schwab, Obama, Kerry, and Gates. Bill Gates was a mere promoter of a bug infested operating system who never wrote code in his life, now promoting vaccines he knows nothing about.  And, of course, the Democrat Party, hungry for power at any price.  Mules have already been caught during early voting in Arizona with their license plates covered.

The Democrats are for censorship, and against gun ownership.  They demonize the police, but protect criminals.  They want what they want and people be damned.  Contrary to what they were in the mid 20th century, they now have become warmongers.

Abortion: The no. 1 issue for Democrats

The no. 1 issue for Democrats.  It’s their closing argument.  They can’t talk about crime, inflation, food shortages, or the millions who have crossed our borders illegally.

Democrats love to point to Republicans as destroying democracy.  And yet, when it doesn’t work for them, Democrats go to the courts or actively partake in election fraud.  The Roe v. Wade decision did not outlaw abortion.  It merely gave it back to the states where democracy (that Democrats love to flaunt) will have a say in its legality and/or its implementation.  Democracy?  Absolutely!  Not every state is like California, New York, or Massachusetts.

There are states with a much higher moral stand on issues like abortion.  Why shouldn’t they be represented?  After all, we live in a federal system.  That is, “A system where political authority is divided between two autonomous sets of governments, one national [national government] and the other subnational [states], both of which operate directly upon the people.”Britannica

Ask Bill Gates, the eugenicist

California is so pro-abortion they have advertised helping with travel and expenses for those who travel to California for the procedure.  California has even launched a website to provide all the information you will need to kill your child, and in several languages.  That may sound harsh, but Democrats show abortion to be their number one issue, before the economy, inflation, crime, vaccine deaths fentanyl deaths, nuclear war, open borders, you name it.  They even are saying that abortion is good for the economy.

Democrats make the mistake of thinking the country is on their side on this issue. It is not.  Early in the debate, Democrats were up 14 points.  The GOP is now up 18 points, a 32 point swing.  The majority feel more than comfortable with individual states deciding their own best course.  Bernie Sanders and James Carville have even warned their fellow Democrats that they are going the wrong way on this issue.

Fossil Fuels, The Environment

The environmental issue has been politicized to the extreme.  There is no climate crisis.  Nature controls climate. It is an excuse to acquire power, control, and take your money.  It is not even based on legitimate science.  As an example, they argue that CO2 emissions from human beings are held longer in the atmosphere than natural CO2,…it sticks to the atmosphere… That is impossible. It flows out of the atmosphere like natural CO2.  Both forms of CO2 are identical.  Their molecular structure is the same.—‘Climate Miracle’, Ed Berry, PhD.

When they talk CO2, you get the distinct feeling that depopulation is their goal.  Is that what COVID was all about?  Is that what the vaccines are for?  Why are young, healthy people dying for no apparent reason?  Why are strokes, heart attacks, cancer, myocarditis cases on the increase, and for all ages? Why are miscarriages on the rise just in the last two years?  Insurance companies have reported the excess death rate is up 40%.  I have never seen or heard of more fervor to inoculate people than is happening now, at least since the Nazi experiments.  Ask Bill Gates, the eugenicist.


Democrats have declared war on fossil fuels

The Democrats have declared war on fossil fuels.  They want an end to it now before any viable alternative appears.  Since Democrats have locked themselves into a corner, having heavily politicized it, telling us for the last 50 years we only have 9 or 10 years before we destroy the earth, we are moving headlong into a technology not ready for prime time. They want you to think the solution is the electric car.  It is not!  EVs will require an electric grid much larger and more robust than we have now.  It takes too long to charge the batteries and the batteries are subject to corrosion in salt air, making them a fire hazard, which leaves much of the country out of the equation.  The manufacture of those batteries is an environment hazard in itself. If you are 3rd or 4th in line at a charging station, you should be out of there in 2 or 3 hours.  They have limited range and in cold weather the range is cut even shorter.  The cars are also out of most people’s price point.

There is more promise in hydrogen fuel cell cars.  They are electric cars, but these cars produce their own electricity.  They are a miniature power plant.  The only emission is water that you can actually drink. Refueling takes 3 – 5 minutes and will take you almost 400 miles.  The hydrogen fuel is environmentally friendly, benign and non-toxic.  Currently there are fueling stations over much of California. The draw back is the price of hydrogen.  It is currently $16 per kg.  With a 5 kg. tank it will cost about $80.  That is actually cheaper than a gas fill-up in California, but like all technology and with greater availability, the price will come down.  Look at your computer.

Toyota has their Toyota Mirai available now. Last I checked it was only available in California at the present time.  It is already in its 2nd generation. Other hydrogen fuel cell cars are either just coming out or close to production from Honda, Hyundai, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, and Chevy.

Unless a new type of battery is developed, I predict EVs will go the way of the dodo bird and those that invested heavily in them will be trying to sell a car with no resale value, especially if it needs a new battery at $25,000.

The God-Complex

Democrats have a problem with God.  He is a formidable competitor and Democrats don’t like competition. They came close to officially leaving Him out of their party platform in 2012.  Their excuse was that they thought some would find God offensive.  A floor voice vote said they wanted God out, but they ignored it and put God back on the bus, but as the Baltimore Sun put it, as a passenger, not the driver. The Democrat Party wants to replace God with government as long as it’s themselves.  They admire Communist China and want very much to emulate that godless country.  They share the same values, their atheism, their socialism, their social credit system.  They admire the control they have over the people.

The United States is the only country founded on natural law…our God-given rights…

1) All men are created equal [basically]. Some have more or less capabilities.
2) Our rights come from God.
3) The purpose of government is to protect those rights – life, liberty, and property.
4) Government derives its power from the consent of the people.

Since God is the author of our natural rights, those rights cannot be taken away since God does not change, unlike fickle man.  To the liberal Democrat, man is god.  They can change your gender, change the climate, block the sun to combat global warming, change or eliminate rights at will…at least they believe they can.  That level of control is what Democrats are after.  As long as people allow God to exist, their control is tenuous.

We are at war, for God, our families, our country, our way of life.

When government stops fulfilling its proper role, people have the right, NO, the duty, to change or alter the government to meet their needs, and preserve their rights.  And that is what we hope to accomplish in November.

Like it or not, bad tweets aside, Trump no longer being President of the United States has put the world in turmoil.

Next week, we will look further into the election and what we are at risk of losing if we cannot make major changes this election cycle.

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