We Need Confidence

We Need Confidence

By Michael J. Lewinski 5/18/2020

“Does World War II offer any lessons regarding our wrecked economy and staggering unemployment from the lock down reaction to the Coronavirus,” asked Victor Davis Hanson. Through a historical analysis of the dynamics of Europe, America. and Asia, he found his answers.

Government absolutely could not do it. It was entrepreneurs and risk-takers who only could do it! The little help the government could give was the lifting its Progressive inspired oppressive boot off of those who could do it. As the greatest generation lost its fear of the Axis Powers, our generation of “Americans must master their fears of the virus and dare to go back to work.”

Hanson says we have a choice between bankruptcy or a building prosperity model. It’s a decision all of our people have to make. Do we trust the Progressive Socialist/Communist big government model or place our faith in Judeo/Christian model adapted by the founding generation of a small government and capitalist competitive free enterprise Christian conservative solution.

I don’t know which model you will choose, but I am going with our Founding Fathers who comprised the smartest generation so far in the whole of American history.

In Hanson’s analysis of what must happen to accomplish this, he discusses the role of the fourth estate. “The media must stick to reporting on the virus and the ailing economy. Their often petty obsessions with destroying President Trump are long past monotonous.”

Mr. Hanson noted, “Trump himself must keep working with any Democratic governors who realize they must put their states back to work in order to have the money to pay for the fight against the virus.” It worked with the Republican governors.

He observes that interest rates are low, gas is cheap, no signs of inflation and people are fed up with being housebound. “All that is missing is confidence — or rather, the conviction that the coronavirus is no more dangerous than were the Axis powers and can be beaten far more quickly if we show the sort of will our grandparents had.”

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