“We the People” Demanding the Right to Life!

“We the People” Demanding the Right to Life!

By Dennis Jamison 4/16/19

The bitter controversy and very divisive battle over abortion have raged for decades in the United States, but it has intensified in 2019. The cultural debate has definitely become a real nationwide battle raging in America over the killing of babies, even in late-term pregnancies, by abortionists (non-doctors), abortion doctors, and abortion mills like Planned Parenthood. The battle started as the newly elected Democrat majority took the House of Representatives. Without wasting time, they immediately passed legislation that directly supported abortions worldwide, as well as other pro-choice initiatives. In February, the Senate rejected “The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (Senate bill S.311) that would have protected the lives of born babies.

The Democrats in various states also took the offensive — New York leading the way with the legislation permitting abortions up to nine months, providing no stipulation that abortionists be doctors, and providing no protection for babies born alive. Essentially, legalizing infanticide! Now, Vermont and Illinois have also introduced bills that would permit abortion up until birth. Yet, even though there has been the anti-life onslaught and the battle seemed to be tipping in favor of the pro-choice and Democrat agenda, there is hope on the horizon for the pro-life proponents. Last week, the GOP-controlled legislature in Ohio passed S.B.23, known as The Human Rights and Heartbeat Protection Act. Gov. Mike DeWine signed the bill into law.

Unfortunately, a similar “heartbeat bill” in Iowa, the first of its kind in the Trump era, was struck down by a state judge’s ruling at the beginning of this year. In 2018, Iowa’s GOP-controlled legislature passed the most restrictive ban on abortions in the United States, and Governor Kim Reynolds signed it into law. It was the first since Arkansas and North Dakota passed similar bills back in 2013. Both states saw their legislation struck down in federal court. This is why Governor Reynolds, obviously a strong proponent of life, understood and did admit at the time, that Iowa’s legislation would also be challenged in court. That bill was known at the “fetal heartbeat bill,” and banned an abortion in Iowa once a baby’s heartbeat is detected (not when it exists, but when it can be detected by scientific instruments).

Thanks to modern technology, ultrasound devices (like the handheld ultrasound instrument referred to as the fetal doppler) enable earlier detection of a heartbeat, and will allow parents to listen to their baby in the womb. In reality, it is estimated that a baby’s heart starts beating 22 or 23 days after initial conception. According to scientific understanding, a distinct blood vessel forms inside the embryo within the mother, and in the early stages, it resembles a simple tube,  but will quickly develop into a baby’s heart and circulatory system. Essentially, by week five or six of the pregnancy, a baby’s heart (tube) will beat spontaneously on its own, and it can be usually detected around the beginning of the sixth week.

Truly, this key point in the baby’s lifeline when the initial cardiac activity can be determined is where the fetal heartbeat law will begin to take effect in order to preserve the fetus and protect the life of the growing baby within the womb. Previously, in decades of the recent past, the only scientific instrument that could detect a heartbeat was a device like a stethoscope, which was only for the doctor to use to monitor the heartbeat. But, with the new ultrasound technology earlier detection of a heartbeat, means the life in the womb can be considered a person, a real human being. To paraphrase Gov. Reynolds: If a person is determined dead when there is no longer a heartbeat, why are we not determining them a person who is alive when there is?

Pro-Life advocates now have more scientific understanding to educate pregnant women about the nature of the developing human being inside a mother’s womb. Life advocates also have a significant mass of accurate information to educate the public about the destructive nature of abortion. At the very least it provides a foundation for the truth to offset the power of abortion propaganda and the anti-life, pro-murder monster that has perpetrated the concept that it is normal for mothers to murder their own children.

It is not really clear whether the majority of American citizens are aware of the ongoing reality of abortion in the U.S. That reality is that nearly a million babies are aborted each year. United Nation’s statistics from the beginning of the millennium indicate that only 13 other nations have higher reported abortion rates than the U. S. (approximately 21% of U.S. pregnancies ended in abortion). And, a great majority of the 13 nations are from the former Soviet bloc of nations:  Belarus, Bulgaria, Cuba, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. Adding to the top twelve are three other nations: China, Mongolia, and Vietnam, communist-controlled, or formerly communist-run countries, all.

It should be noted that North Korea may have the highest abortion rates in the world — it is just that the abortions go unreported. It is also very revealing that the 13 nations representing higher rates of abortion than the U.S. are from the communist-controlled, or formerly communist-run countries. Communism is an atheistic ideology and if God is non-existent, human rights do not originate from God, but from the State. If God is non-existent, the value of life is arbitrary. Within the U.S. in recent decades a similar trend has been developing – a denial of God’s existence. It is not surprising then that the value of life itself has been diminished. Our political leaders are at this point unclear themselves as they could not vote to protect the lives of babies born alive.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee in response to the lack of will of U.S. Senators to reaffirm the right to life that the signers of the Declaration of Independence were willing to die for, discerned that: “There is a movement in our country that is spreading like cancer and it seeks to destroy biblical values.” It is true — it is called “Progressivism.” It may also be a revelation to American citizens that the recent trending towards Socialism in the “Democratic” Party is because “Progressivism” has its roots in Socialism. It also may also be a revelation to American citizens that Socialism is essentially the infant or less developed substance of Communism. It may be time to abort Socialism from America.

Surely, the battle is no longer seemingly one-sided. Good people of conscience, people of faith, as well as serious-minded Christians, are now gaining confidence in their pro-life stand all across America. People are being educated about the deceit and inhumanity of abortion through recent movies like Gosnell and Unplanned. Volunteer citizen groups are boldly rising up. Citizens are now awakening their elected representatives to the collective will of “We the People,” and they are responding.

Various states had introduced “heartbeat” type legislation in recent years, but despite the will of the people in such states, Leftist leaning judges strike down bills that could make it into state law. Just last week, however, both the Ohio House and Senate passed the legislation which now restricts an abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected. Mississippi also passed a new heartbeat law and both states will have their new heartbeat laws take effect in July. Kentucky has passed a similar law, but this law is being temporarily blocked by a federal court. Other states that passed similar heartbeat laws in 2019, are Georgia, Missouri, and Tennessee, but are currently pending approval by their respective state governors.

People of conscience must unite and work together in this time. The need is great, and the work is real. But there is renewed hope on the horizon for America to truly live up to its proclamation for our existence that: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”

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