We the People Have Power to Act

We the People Have Power to Act

By Kathleen Hall

Who are these senators? Senators: Blunt – Missouri;  Boozman – Arkansas;  Burr – North Carolina;  Cassidy – Louisiana; Collins – Maine; Cotton – Arkansas; Cramer – North Dakota; Enzie – Wyoming; Gardner – Colorado; Graham – South Carolina; Hawley – Montana;  Hoeven – North Dakota; Inhofe – Oklahoma; Johnson – Wisconsin; McConnell – Kentucky; McSally – Arizona; Murkowski – Alaska; Portman – Ohio; Roberts – Kansas; Rounds – South Dakota; and Rubio – Florida.

Where are these senators when it really matters? 

These Senators who call themselves Republicans voted against Rand Paul’s Penny Plan. 

His appeal for support of this effort came by mail; Paul emphasized his focus on forcing an open vote so voters could see where their senators actually stood when the chips are down. 

It was a breath of fresh air to see someone addressing our vastly ignored gigantic national debt. It was encouraging, and made one feel hopeful that finally something might move us onto a path of sanity about our economic future. Some listed here are a surprise, others, not so much.

His plan was reasonable, seemed doable, with pennies on the dollar being cut from every government expenditure which over a period of time would start, mind you – start – to address our enormous debt. If this minimally punitive plan was rejected by so-called Republicans, what chance do we have to avoid the inevitable catastrophe of economic collapse to come? Who will attempt it? Who will support it?

Everyone who loves our country and has children and grandchildren who will suffer in the future, should be on it – now. These highly paid, high-living, elected representatives need to feel the heat and outrage of their constituents in their shrugging off this noble attempt to do the people’s business – now.  It would not hurt if some still sane, awakened, Democrats joined in and let their senators know they care about this issue. 

If they disagree for good reason, let them explain it. If they have a better plan, let’s hear it.

When will they address it? When will they do their duty and carry out their responsibilities?

Thank you, Mike Lewinski, for covering this vote in your article and bringing to the forefront the names of those who pretend, during election time, to care about the well-being of the American People.

Kathleen Hall has been an activist since writing letters to the editor of local newspapers while in her early 20s. A second generation American, she feels gratitude and responsibility as a citizen of the best country in the world, where God-given inalienable rights of individual freedom and opportunity can be taken for granted. Her favorite quote is, “We’ve given you a Republic, if you can keep it” by Ben Franklin.

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