We warned our young people about Hitler, but what do they know about Marx?

We warned our young people about Hitler, but what do they know about Marx?     

By Dawn Hoagland       

The name of Hitler is being bandied about in the streets a lot these days. It is being directed at Donald Trump and his supporters routinely. What does Hitler have to do with Donald Trump? Hitler was a fascist who committed genocide against the Jewish people as well as the Roma (gypsies.)

Does Donald Trump hate Jews? His daughter Ivanka married a Jewish man, converted to Judaism and is raising Donald’s grandchildren in the Jewish tradition. Trump loves Israel and has given Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel his solid support. Trump has never expressed any hatred for the Jews.

Hitler wanted to build up a master race of “Aryan” people he believed to be of superior purity and strength. Hitler was invading other countries because he wanted to rule the world. Trump doesn’t have any plans of developing a master race or ruling the world. Hitler hated communists and kicked them out of his country. Trump is deporting criminals not communists.

Hitler kicked the Communists out of Germany – they came to America

People who were steeped in Karl Marx’s philosophy came to America from Germany when the Nazis kicked them out. They insinuated themselves into the fabric of American life, as professors, artists, actors and writers. It was these writers who were invited to Columbia University and published there that had the greatest influence on America.

Herbert Marcuse wrote Philosophy and Critical Theory. The theory was simple: criticize every pillar of Western culture —Christianity, family, common law and especially freedom of speech. The hope was that these pillars would crumble under pressure, leaving a void that communism could fill.

So why are our young people waving communist flags and calling Trump supporters Hitler? They are ignorant on two counts. They don’t know enough about Hitler to know that Trump is nothing like him. They don’t know enough about communism to know that Karl Marx’s ideas have led to millions of deaths at the hands of totalitarian leaders.

Marx wanted workers to rebel against capitalism

In the middle of the 19th century, Karl Marx developed his ideas. He thought the old European feudal system, in which only a few people owned everything and the poor did all the work, had simply been replaced by the bourgeoisie capitalist system in which the rich owned businesses and exploited the proletariat which still did all the work.

Marx believed there should be a rebellion of exploited workers against the greedy capitalist company owners. He thought abolishing private property and the ability to inherit wealth would end the problem of a few rich people owning everything, while most people worked themselves to death and owned nothing.

 In 1848, Marx published The Communist Manifesto. Marx wrote, “Communists openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions…The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains…Working men of all countries, unite!” He thought workers all around the world would unite against their oppressive bosses and rise up to create a communist utopia.

Workers were loyal to their own countries and values not each other

WWI broke out and workers from around the world did not unite. They fought against each other because they were loyal to their own countries, their churches and their cultural values. Most were not interested in Marx’s classless society in which the state owned everything and inheritances and private property would be abolished. Marx had died in 1883, but his ideas, which had been rejected during his lifetime, lived on.

The Institute for Social Research opened in July 1924 at Goethe University in Frankfurt with the aim of developing Marxist studies in Germany. This group of philosophers and social scientists, known as the Frankfurt School, realized that the values of Western civilization would have to be subverted before workers would unite. Christianity would have to be abandoned before people would become hopeless enough to accept communism. Darwin’s theory of evolution would be presented as fact and the Book of Genesis as myth.

Marxists infiltrated every institution in America

This was known as the “long march through institutions.” Marxists infiltrated American universities, churches, civic organizations, Hollywood and the arts. It took decades of disparaging the Bible and Christianity, truth and beauty, reason and logic. Is a blank canvas on display in a gallery on equal footing with Rembrandt’s Head of Christ? Politically correct gallery visitors would say so. Honest people will just laugh at what Marxists call art.

Political correctness came about as the Left began to define everything in terms of conflict between the oppressors and the oppressed. Almost any minority can now claim they are oppressed victims. Marxist professors have done an excellent job of spreading political correctness from their university classrooms to the world at large. The Common Core is simply political correctness pushed down into elementary schools.

This is why our young people insist that our Founding Fathers were actually rich white racist slave-owners who exploited everyone including American Indians, black slaves and women. Our youth insist that diversity and multiculturalism, affirmative action, and open borders are the answer to counteract so-called “white privilege.”

Columbia University was a citadel of Communists

Columbia University published the Frankfurt School writings of Herbert Marcuse and Theodor Adorno. These writers had a profound effect on American history. Marx argued against the exploitation of labor; Herbert Marcuse argued against labor itself. Don’t work, have sex. This was the simple message of his book, Eros and Civilization, released in 1955. The hippies of the sixties popularized Marcuse’s meme:  Make Love Not War.

The loosening of sexual mores actually causes individuals and the culture as a whole to deteriorate. Karl Marx was staunchly anti-marriage. Many of his followers wrote about the advantages of sexual freedom. The state benefits when people are sexually fixated because they are distracted from being informed, active citizens.

People think that sexual freedom, including homosexuality, will create happiness. This turns out not to be true. Statistically, marriage provides the best environment for raising children and is still the best indicator of economic stability, health and longevity. Married men live longer, have better sex and make more money.

“Repressive Tolerance” is still being used to justify stifling conservative views

Marcuse is also known for his infamous 1965 essay, “Repressive Tolerance,” in which he argues that genuine tolerance does not tolerate the repression of the left-wing agenda. He condoned the silencing of the more conservative voices in academia and the media for the sake of allowing more left-wing views to be heard. Conservative students are corralled in “free speech zones” on college campuses in order to ostracize them.

Do parents understand when they send their children off to college that they will be subjected to leftist propaganda in every class whether it is biology or gender studies? They are already primed by watching TV.

Some Marxist values that have already seeped into our culture are that sex is a sport, “living together” is completely acceptable, feminism is attractive, homosexuality is a natural variation based on scientific evidence and viewing pornography is a normal pastime for everyone. Marxism has destroyed the concept of traditional marriage and the family. This was done on purpose. It was not an inevitable development for America.

Marxism offers utopia but delivers death. Jesus triumphed over death and offers eternal life.

Here we are, living in Sodom and Gomorrah, hoping that our children will look back to the values that built our great Western Civilization, which created symphonies instead of rap music. That is almost impossible unless we have homeschooled our children, shielded them from TV and movies, and made God the center of our lives.

We should warn our college students that Marxism has always ended in massive death and totalitarianism every time it has been implemented. We could tell them that beating Trump supporters with bike locks and communist flags while shouting “Hitler” makes no sense.

Trump supporters are not Nazis inspired by Hitler. Whereas, communists Castro, Lenin, Stalin and Mao were all inspired by Karl Marx. Millions of their own people died under their Marxist leadership. Tell your children Marxism is a system that failed wherever it was implemented. Communism and socialism have no future. You will have to tell them because they won’t learn this at college.

Dawn Hoagland is a writer and a teacher who lives in upstate New York. 


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