What Can We Do?

What Can We Do?

By Michael J. Lewinski 

“All debt-based consumption steals from the future to gratify the present. It is tomorrow’s consumption pulled forward. It depletes the capital stock … and leaves the future empty,” says Brian Maher, managing editor of The Daily Reckoning in his column on forecasting the future.

“Delivering on big progressive ideas like Medicare for all and the Green New Deal will never happen until Democrats get over their fear of red ink,” finds Maher in citing Progressive essayist Marshall Auerback. When will the Progressives ever learn? There is no such thing as a free lunch!

Progressives never learn. David Horwitz in commenting on what the Democrats did recently said, “This a war between those of us who believe in America, our republic, our institutions and those that seek to destroy them.” As I have been telling you, he observed, “If there was ever a time where our countrymen would rise up in unified rejection of the Deep State… [progressive Democrats and Republicans] … and their radical agenda, it’s now.” They have shown how their agenda isn’t about us, but rather about them craving and seeking power and wealth for their elite masters and themselves.

These radical, Progressive Socialists/Communists Democrats have to be stopped in the 2020 elections. We have no choice. Every Liberal, Libertarian, Moderate and Conservative, no matter what their party affiliation, must mobilize to defeat their anti-American, Marxist, open borders agenda. We must do it in the primary election and then in the general election. It’s imperative that we do this to save the America we love.

You can do this by supporting President Trump and good conservative candidates. Knock on doors and contribute money. Encourage them to fight the Progressives. Tell others to support them; your friends, family members, coworkers and church family. Ask them to spread the word and recruit others to join this righteous cause. Ask them to pray to God to ask Him to intervene in the elections. 

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