What do African-Americans, Women and Homosexuals have in Common? 

What do African-Americans, Women and Homosexuals have in Common? 

 By James Harrison, Jr.  9/23/19

This week I found out what it must feel like to be a black visitor at a KKK convention. You see, I recently attended a local town hall meeting to talk about whether our city should be giving special civil rights to members of our growing LGBTQ colony. It seems that a well-intended Jezebel council member wanted to make sure that our city was a welcoming community to sexual perverts by approving draconian measures that will handcuff (literally) our Christian community. The devilish details were to be discussed at this meeting.

So, I loaded up my car and drove to the citizen round-table meeting.  I arrived a little early and was pleasantly surprised to see a large number of cars that were already there. I had printed up some extra Natural Family brochures and was now wondering whether I would even have enough for everyone.

As I quickly advanced toward the meeting hall, I was approached by a woman who wanted me to sign a petition supporting LGBTQ preferences, which I respectfully declined. Once inside, I was again approached by yet another pro-ordinance petitioner.  As I turned to walk away, I was immediately met by a huge rainbow-colored banner proclaiming our city to be gay-friendly. I thought it strange that this large sign was allowed in the meeting room let alone in a prominent position for all to see.   

My goodness, what is going on here I thought as I turned and walked toward the sign-in table. While at the table I stood beside a woman who was advising one of the assistants that her wife might be late, and she wanted to make sure they would be at the same table.  I was given a table number and promptly went to my assigned table.

At that table, I met the father of a gay son and a grandmother with sexually challenged grandchildren. On the other side of me was a high school psychologist, and next to her the president of our public school’s LGBTQ club with her grandmother in tow. There was also a mother of two sexually confused children from a nearby city who said she was asked by one of our city council members to attend the meeting. Her hope was that she can start this insanity in her city as well. It seemed everyone I was sitting with had some sort of a familial bond to the LGBTQ community with the exception of yours truly.

Looking around I noticed the meeting room was occupied by mostly women (probably 75-80%). I also recognized one pastor from an Episcopalian church and a lady with a white collar around her neck, in full black robe. There were no other pastors in attendance — although I did hear later that the city council had already met with churches privately, likely to make sure these church leaders were going to be good little stewards for the city.

The stated purpose of the meeting was to discuss details with regard to an ordinance that the city had yet to introduce; nonetheless, we were there to discuss the particulars anyway.  At no time were we allowed to consider whether the ordinance should be approved or not. 

The Questions

After the first ice-breaker question, “Why are you here?” a second two-part question was asked about what to do with churches and what size businesses in the city would be punished by this law. Again, this was a very controlled environment, lot of emotions and some cheering but only for favorable LGBTQ decisions.

What they needed they got

What the city council members needed from this well-orchestrated (rigged) meeting was a good turn out by the public, which they got with approximately 150 people attending. Photos (there was someone from the national press there) and videos were taken, which will likely be used repeatedly, proclaiming huge supporter turnout. 

There was a special mention by one of the leading moderators (from a nearby city that recently passed a similar ordinance) regarding the passionate responses by many in attendance, which makes perfect sense being that believing homosexuals are normal has to be an emotional decision and not an objective one.


The population of our city, which I will affectionately refer to as West Gomorrah, is approximately 36,000 with one-third of the populous of voting age and roughly half likely being registered voters. That leaves approximately 6,000 voters.  If 90% of those in attendance were for the proposed LGBTQ preference ordinance, then 0.25% of the eligible voting population in our city could well be responsible for a new ordinance which will take place without a public vote having ever been cast.

But it gets even better. Not only is our small community going to have a new oppressive law that targets Christians, but there will be a tribunal for offenders that will not even be held in our city. That important role will be handled by the politicians in the capital city of Columbus, Ohio. The stated reason for this being finances and experience. It seems that Columbus, which is a notoriously LGBTQ friendly city (their annual gay pride parade draws upwards of one-half million people),  already has an experienced board in place that conducts these citizen inquisitions.  

Opportunity & turning point – What to do

When one looks at the civil rights, women’s and the LGBTQ movement, it’s hard not to notice a consistent theme. They all clearly identify with who they are, they are singular in vision, uncompromising (never play defense) and last but not least, are committed to their cause. It’s a very simple plan and the key to success in politics, sports and life.

If we are going to win our cultural war, then the church must be just as clear, united and dedicated to our vision as well. But in case you haven’t noticed, we are not. I often say that if you want to start a fight, first find a Christian because we just seem hell-bent on picking at one another, knowing pride-fully that it is the Holy Spirit who has personally shared with you and you alone the true vision for the world. That has to stop, and we must unite in a clear vision.

Here in West Gomorrah we are at the tip of the sexual perversion spear and if we are to prevail, we must look to our situation as an opportunity to collectively stand up for God’s word, commonsense or natural laws which are all one and the same. We must do this in harmony, and this must start in the family where we lost the cultural war, to begin with.

Fathers, I speak especially to you, and wives please encourage your husbands and don’t stand in front of them or behind them but with them. Pastors, those who truly believe in God, you as well need to stand with those family leaders and fight alongside for the word of God. And please, stop with the rapture stuff. If the rapture is to happen it will come soon enough, especially if we remain disobedient and disrespectful of God’s word! By the way, do you really think that your creator is going to zap you up from the mess you helped create and/or watched while on your knees?

So how about you, reader, your family and church? What we are experiencing here in West Gomorrah is either in or coming to your home base. This is your opportunity as well and I hope and pray that you take it. If you don’t, then you have no one, and I mean no one to blame but yourself. You can’t blame your pastor if you haven’t asked him. And please, by now you should all know what I mean by asking your pastor who is a servant to the family and not its commander-in-chief.

“If not now when and if not you, then who?

James Harrison (JR), is is co-founder of Minutemen United and the National Director of the www.naturalfamilystrong.com, which is dedicated to restoring the “natural” family back to its original role as the foundation of our great American experiment. He is also a veteran, business owner and a Christian activist with three-plus decades of hands-on experience in the culture war. He is also author of the soon to be published book, “Romans II,” which draws eerie parallels to the former Roman Empire and what is happening in America today, especially when it comes to the plight of the family institution.

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