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What Happened to My Church? – Citizen Sentinels Network

What Happened to My Church?


  1. Kim Doke Fletter -

    Great article Jan. Thank you! I’ve been researching how the Communists infiltrated every fiber of our society including the church for 8 years & most Christians have no clue how close we are to the One World Order. When you research U.N. docs., especially the Temple of Understanding (they promoted the pink women’s march Jan. (2016) & “sign the Muslim pledge if Trump requires you to sign”), the Human Rights Council, along with the U.N.’s Economic & Social Council (EcoSoc), and the Communists behind these U.N. arms, then you can begin to understand why our culture & churches are crumbling. These U.N. goals have permeated our entire society. Then you add the creation of the U.N.’s NGO the Ethics & Religious Liberty Comm. (ERLC) who has infiltrated the Bapt. Church. They have “Consultative Status” at the U.N. & are doing their bidding which is a complete antithesis to God & His Kingdom. Thank you for all you do to shine the light on this dark & dying world.

  2. Mary McCauley -

    I went to a church about 4 yrs. ago that offered the multimedia experience with visuals on a screen and a church band with electric guitars, a drummer, and singers who were so loud that I removed my hearing aids. They were still loud. The minister didn’t preach a message of salvation that I could tell. I decided not to go back. I don’t mind church bands for the younger generation. However, there are songs that are meant to be played on a piano or organ. Can you imagine “The Messiah” being played on anything less than a full organ? How about the Morman Tabernacle Choir backed by the Rolling Stones? (won’t happen) I have been to some small Oklahoma churches with a piano and electric guitars that sounded country, and tambourines. Great gospel music Oklahoma style.

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