What is “Projection” and why is it so important in politics and the Biden scandal?

What is “Projection” and why is it so important in politics and the Biden scandal?

By Don Rosenberg – 9/29/202

In psychology, “projection” is the process of displacing one’s feelings onto someone or something else. For example, if someone is a thief, he may accuse others of stealing from him. In his world, stealing is common, so he thinks stealing occurs everywhere, even when he is dealing with honest people.

It is very difficult to consider the idea that others may have a completely different world view than yourself. This leads to a lot of misperceptions.

Once you know about projection, an entire world of understanding unfolds when you look at human behavior, particularly in politics. Whenever you see a politician accusing someone of misbehavior, ask yourself, “Is this projection? Are they guilty of what they’re accusing?”

You may think that the Democrat accusations made against President Trump are just cynical attempts to ruin his reputation, but it’s very likely they really believe them. While they accused Trump of colluding with the Russians, they themselves live in a world where working with a foreign government for political advantage is common practice.

Similarly, their accusations that Trump is using his office for monetary gain may also be projection. The entire Washington swamp uses their political power to enrich themselves, but they have no concept of someone who has enough money, even a multi-billionaire.

The reason the Democrats wiretapped the Trump campaign to uncover corruption was that they are corrupt in almost everything they do, and they assumed that in one week, a tap on the campaign’s phones would uncover evidence which, while not admissible, would lead to a fatal scandal. They were not only disappointed, but very surprised, when, after months of surveillance, they couldn’t come up with anything. In their world, Trump is not innocent of corruption, but is just better at covering it up than they are!

Which leads us to the “Biden scandal.” The results of the just-announced Senate investigation into Hunter Biden in particular, and the Biden family in general, are in. By “following the money,” the Senate has found activities that are even worse than speculated. Millions of dollars have been flowing from Russia, China and the Ukraine to Biden family members amidst regular accusations that Trump has been taking bribes and asking for favors.

The scandal is so huge that Biden is likely to drop out of the race, which has been predicted based on his mental health. We’ll have to see how he does in tonight’s debates and how good a job the Left Media can do to keep the Biden scandals censored.

In the Ukraine hearings we learned that members of the State Department regularly warned Biden and Obama about Hunter’s activities. Why wasn’t he shut down and told to behave? Why was Biden running for office knowing that his family scandal was undoubtedly going to be exposed?

There are two possible answers. Either the Democrats were already so prideful at their ability to control the news that they felt they could cover up almost anything, or Joe knows he could expose other scandals in the White House that are even bigger than bribery and corruption. Both answers are terrifying – it remains to be seen which is correct.

Either way, you now have a valuable tool for understanding the behavior of politicians in the wild. Whenever they get in front of a camera and accuse their opposition of “stealing the election” or bemoaning “presidential power grabs” you can be pretty darn sure that they, themselves are the ones rigging the vote or questing for power.

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