What is the Real Reason Behind the Lockdown?

What Is the Real Reason Behind the Lockdown?

by “Some Citizens of Washington State” 5/26/2020

After watching what the radical Democrats are doing at the federal, and state level, we are alarmed. They have used the COVID-19 crisis to shut down everything when we had a thriving country.  They said it was best to protect everyone from dying.  They used the fear factor to control us.  They cannot win the presidency with a thriving economy, so they have tried everything to destroy it.  They are also using this crisis to prevent our organizing and campaigning for President Trump and local candidates.

By having our kids at home, our focus is back on our families and not in what is going on at the state, national and international level.  We are more focused on our family problems, especially since tens of millions of working people have lost their jobs. They have closed all “non-essential businesses,something not consistently defined. This crashed the economy and led to the passing of at least three stimulus packages that have made people much more dependent on the government, more so than before President Trump was elected.  This makes the Democrats look like the heroes because they were the ones who came to the rescue. Of course, people may not realize that as a result we will go further into debt and our dollar will become weaker. The Democrats know this.  It is another way to destroy our economic system and increasingly control a dependent population for their globalist agenda.

President Trump was able to get a lot of people off of welfare because of all the jobs that came back to this country.  The Democrats can’t have that because it will destroy their agenda.  Instead they want to use the pandemic so they can blame President Trump either way.  It is his fault if a lot of people die, or it is his fault if he does not open the economy up fast enough.  Either way, they will be manipulating the message with the help of the media.  Trump needs to get the jobs back.  If he can accomplish this, he will win reelection.  But the American people need to wake up and vote people into office that believe in America and its Constitution.

If the Democrats are successful in using the Coronavirus to destroy the middle class, while blaming Trump for it; the internationalist Democratic financial elite will increase their control and end the freedoms and liberty we have enjoyed up to now.  We will become slaves much like the globalists have made the people of the third world their slaves through massive debt conditionalities, reducing the wages and conditions of our workers to those that exist in third world countries. All of this brings an increasing divide between the global super-rich and the increasing global poor as these super-rich impose a globalized dictatorship on us.

The globalists have been pushing Agenda 21, which outlaws the use of rural and suburban areas for residential and economic development in order to force the concentration of populations into central urban areas where the population can be better controlled. On a world-wide level this has the effect of stopping economic development. This in turn discourages family formation and causes a decrease in the population.  The purpose of this agenda is to reduce the available land that can be used for farming, for industrial parks, for power plants and other essential physical infrastructure required for economic development.  A concentrated urban population is much more vulnerable and easier to control in times of crisis.  This agenda applied on an international basis, is in part responsible for the globalists getting control of food production supply chains and using this control to determine our fate.  The reason the globalists want to reduce the population is that increased population requires economic development, and increased economic development requires skilled jobs and a middle class.  A hard-working middle class is the greatest threat to their control.

One of the ways to bring about depopulation is to allow coronavirus infected persons to be assigned to nursing homes.   Not only does this increase the mortality of our elderly, but such a loss within that generation is a loss of those who believed in this country and made unselfish sacrifices.  Such a loss will also make it easier for the globalists to take over our country because increasingly younger generations have not been taught the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or who are Founding Fathers were and what they represented.  For several generations the globalist elites have financed and promoted in our universities philosophies and beliefs that are Fascist, Socialist, and Communist, alongside lifestyles that involve selfish hedonism, and the anti-human worship of nature. As Rahm Emanuel said, “you can never let a serious crisis go to waste”.  These elites are using the coronavirus pandemic to promote their globalist agenda.

In Washington State these Democrats are on an offensive in many areas to restrict and reduce us economically, politically, as well as to take away our rights in many areas, among them are our rights to own firearms, and the right to morally raise our children.  What follows is a list of some of what the Washington State Democrats have done or are seeking to do:

       1- Washington State Democrats have promoted many water environmental acts that are preventing rural economic development.  New regulations and court decisions, such as the Hirst decision, have made it cost prohibitive to make environmental assessments required for any construction.  Other regulations are being used to confiscate property.  “Wetlands” have been redefined to close off areas of development, and also confiscate property.  New laws on sceptic systems allow officials to enter one’s property without permission.  New laws with fines governing animal waste are also being passed.  Further laws on the use of nitrite fertilizers is making it harder for farmers to operate.

        2- The Democratic establishment of Washington State is enacting and supporting measures that are injuring the suburban and rural automobile owners.  Reduction of lanes causing congestion and then tolling bridges, tunnels, and express lanes is one example.  Inside the cities, reducing lanes and replacing them with hardly used bicycle lanes is another example.  Reducing the size of parking spots so that it becomes harder for trucks and SUV’s to find parking is yet another example.

        3- The Democratic Legislature of Washington State has passed measures for compulsory sex education from K-12, taking away the rights of parents to morally educate their children.  This includes giving teachers and the school administration the power to probe children on home family life.  These new laws also allow the schools to administer hormone treatments to pre-puberty preteens to help them change their sex, and teenage abortions without the knowledge of their parents.  Along with this the schools are no longer teaching American history.

      4- The Democrats are using the McCleary decision to justify raising property taxes to fund their agendas. This is at the expense of property owners whose incomes are being hurt by these very same agendas prohibiting economic development. This leads to increasing impoverishment and homelessness.

      5- The Democrats have made Washington State a “sanctuary” State for illegal aliens.  This opens the door for drug trafficking, and other criminal activity.  Washington State Democrats have also made it illegal to check citizenship of those registered to vote.  Along with mail in ballots for the whole state, the integrity of our electoral process is being severely challenged.

        6- If all of this was not enough, Washington State Democratic Governor Jay Inslee is using the COVID-19 situation to promote the economically destructive and false climate change agenda, which locally is being used to destroy productive jobs.  One example is the Democratic campaigns to shut down the especially important oil refineries in Anacortes and Ferndale.   Another is the successful campaign to shut down the Alcoa Aluminum smelter in July 2020.


The globalist agenda is not just international, or national, but is being implemented as well in our local communities.  Our middle class is being abolished, and instead of productive jobs, our people are increasingly impoverished and forced to depend on government programs that control us.


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