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What Matters is Behavior

By Michael J. Lewinski   02/08/19

Sebastian Gorka recently wrote, “No debate would be needed, really. In the choice between the two competing models the Judeo-Christian civilization has given us, with Socialist arguments for “big government” on the one side and a market-oriented system that favors the freedoms of the individual over the powers of the state on the other, there would be no contest.”

Because what matters is behavior, you can see the vast difference between what progressive Socialists offer and what a market-orientated system has to offer. Free markets offer individuals the opportunity to choose for themselves, while Socialists dictate behaviors to individuals.

Look at the behavior of President Trump and contrast that with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. On the negotiations over the boarder wall President Trump offered concessions that appealed to Democrats to get a deal done. Ms. Pelosi said no and did not respond with a counteroffer. She offered nothing.

So what kind of behaviors do the free markets and Progressive Socialists promote? The market-orientated system enables people to be kind and generous to others, while Socialist systems enable people to call for the confiscation of others’ resources for their own benefit. The market-orientated system enables people to take care of their own families in the ways that they want, while Socialist systems dictate to families how they should behave according to other people’s expectations.

As President Trump said, we must resolve to never be a Socialist country. We are a free people, not Socialist slaves. The only way we can remain a free people is through the power of the ballot box. If you aren’t registered to vote you must do so and encourage anybody you know who isn’t registered to register so we can vote to keep the Progressives who are pushing Socialism on our country out of office.

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