What Now?

What now?

By Michael J. Lewinski

Now that President Trump has been vindicated by the Muller report how are the Progressive Democrats going to attack the president between now and the 2020 election? Deep state and establishment politicians deeply hate President Trump, and they are going to keep coming after him. These intellectuals, yet idiots rouges, have an outrage which knows no bounds.

The House intelligence committees have subpoenaed 81 witnesses to another Trump collusion investigation order by Adam Schiff. They are not going to end this hoax on the American people until they are arrested, tried, convicted and behind bars. They will never let go. Eventually, we will see that one side is right, and the other one is wrong.

They cannot creditably argue that the president has not significantly improved the economy for all Americans who are doing better. They would reinstate the Paris Climate Accords and repeal the job-killing regulations. The Progressive Democrats cannot provide the security that the American people deserve from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. They would reinstate Iran Nuclear Accords and go back to their open boards policies. They are going to roll back the gains we made in protecting our religious freedom, second amendment rights, freedom of speech and our other rights under the Bill of Rights.

You have seen that they have plans to expand the Supreme Court and do away with the Electoral College, and institute infanticide. The Progressive Democrats are going to be hell on earth to America.

It is up to you, Patriots, to get rid of these enemies of the people. They need to be eradicated from the political landscape if we are going to survive as a people.

Patriots need to register to vote. Study the candidates; learn who are the real constitutional Conservative candidates; vote for them. Encourage your neighbors, co-workers, fellow church members, your relatives, and other family members to do the same. This is an all-hands-on-deck emergency. We need to do this all throughout the United States so they can find candidates like Senators Mike Braun, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz, and Representatives like Jim Jordan and Jim Banks who will support President Trump.

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