“What to do About Big Tech Censorship? Own Your Data”

“What to do About Big Tech Censorship? Own Your Data”

by Jared Heath, 1/12/21

The President of the United States has been de-platformed. Patriotic Americans are being labeled terrorists by their own government. There must be Justice.

My name is Jared Heath. I served in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years. Deployed to Iraq two times. Guarded U.S. embassies in Finland, Syria, and Cuba. I have a Top Secret security clearance.

I have never done anything more patriotic than going to Washington DC on January 6th and marching with other American Patriots against our corrupt established government. We are now labeled as terrorists by our own government. You do the math.

Ok, now that’s out of the way. Onto the problem at hand. What to do about Big Tech censorship?

I have been working on (and breaking) computers since the age of 7. Gaming and general enthusiast computer use to start, then website design, LIVE video production, and now data infrastructure design and enterprise level services.

Digital technology has been an interest/hobby for my entire life, and full-time for the past five years running Altha Technology.

The best person to look at for what is coming concerning censorship is Andrew Anglin of https://dailystormer.su. He has been completely de-platformed by everything for 3+ years. If you are more curious, he has great recent posts on censorship, go to his website.

The short answer is to OWN YOUR DATA. Open Source technology has advanced such that the next step for the internet is occurring now. The Fediverse is here. It is the next growth phase of the internet as it brings individual sovereignty back into the equation.

You’re saying to yourself, “Jared, that doesn’t help me. Fedi-what? What do I do, since I hate Facebook and Twitter for de-platforming Donald Trump? WHAT CAN I DO RIGHT NOW?”

You get smarter and trust screens less. Trust people, not screens. Stop assuming that because it’s on a screen, and it has a nice form, that they deserve your information, your money, and your trust.

Trust Christians and people you know, not Satanic government officials or CEOs. When you look at Wikipedia for the following people and companies, and it says, “Alt-Right”, “Racist”, and “Extremist”, these are all words for, “Speaks common sense”.

The next step is to use the following services:

https://telegram.org – Chat and General Communication – Not openly Christian as I’m aware, but they have the best technological model. They use encryption heavily and have built on a decentralized model for their data management practices. This is my #1 recommendation to begin using for communication.

https://www.signal.org/ – Texting/Mobile – Recommended by Edward Snowden. Encrypted texting/chat for your phone. Encrypted phone calls.

https://gab.com – Social Media. The CEO, Andrew Torba, is an open Christian. He has been deplatformed by many different services, and are still around. Gab also offers a video platform.

https://protonmail.com – Email – The CEO is not an open Christian I’m aware of, but this company has a reputation for privacy. Their technology supports this claim as they heavily use encryption and promote its use is their own services.

https://cornerstone.cc – Credit Card Payments – The CEO is an open Christian. Nick Logan. Use him to accept donations instead of Paypal.

https://epik.com – Domain Registration. The CEO is Rob Monster, he is an open Christian and has a track record for supporting other Christians online. If you have a website, switch your registration to https://epik.com.

https://bitcoin.org/ – Crypto Currency – Crypto is a thing. Think of it as a replacement for online banking. Familiarize yourself with Bitcoin. Buy a wallet, find an ATM, put cash into your wallet.

https://brave.com – Web Browser – Brave is run by the old CEO of Firefox, Brendan Eich. He is an open Christian. He was fired for support pro-life ministries and started Brave. Use it. Firefox recently stated they are pro insane censorship.

The above companies aren’t part of the Fediverse per-se. Telegram and Bitcoin are the best from a technological perspective. They are built on distribution and encryption, which is the future.

For those who want to go deeper down the rabbit hole… Continue reading.


Owning your data is harder than the above solutions, but if you want to have personal sovereignty, then start figuring it out. If you want help with how to own your data, contact us at Altha Technology.

For those who are technically savvy and curious, things to study to own your data and start your own hosting company:

Fiber Internet – Internet Connection

APC UPS – Backup Power

Honda Generators – Backup Power

Netgate/PFSense – Firewall/Cyber Security

Dell Servers – Compute/Data Storage

Debian – Operating System (Centos has failed)

Docker – Containerization

Docker Swarm – Orchestration

Nextcloud – File Storage – Replaces Google Drive

PHPList – Bulk Mail – Replaces Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc

WordPress – Website/Blog

Avideo – Videos/Membership – Replaces Youtube

Peertube – Videos – Replaces Youtube

Friendica – Social Media – Replaces Facebook/Twitter

Diaspora – Social Media – Replaces Facebook/Twitter

Poste.io – Personal Email – Replaces Gmail

Invoice Ninja – Invoicing – Replaces Freshbooks

Blesta – Invoicing/Hosting Payments – Replaces Freshbooks

Technology makes things smaller and more efficient. The data center will get smaller and more affordable and more local, but still have a global punch due to distributed protocols and the global nature of the internet.

Owning your data, or the data of those around you, is a great step to start a small business, fix censorship, learn something exciting, and take back your personal sovereignty and privacy. We teach you how to do it. We teach you or your kids (We prefer homeschoolers as they still have a brain).

Contact us at https://althatech.com








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