What Will Happen When Biden Withdraws from the Race for President?

What Will Happen When Biden Withdraws from the Race for President?

by Don Rosenberg 8/14/2020

This year’s Democrat primary can be summed up this way… “in a country made up of midgets, the tallest midget is king.”

This year’s crop of candidates was so devoid of talent, and the media coverage was so biased, that the few candidates with an ounce of sense were quickly dispatched, while the survivors stumbled onward to gain delegates.  At the end of the primary season we were left with just two aging white guys in the “party of diversity.”

So why did the Democrat Party put the screws to their second tier candidates to drop out and endorse Biden before “Super Thursday?”  Did they really think Biden could serve as President?

Their primary goal was simply to stop Bernie.  No other candidates had enough delegates to defeat him.  Sanders would have had almost no chance of getting elected in November, and his candidacy would have branded the Democrat Party as the Democrat Socialists they really are, which can never be disclosed to the general public.

They usually prefer to pretend to be “compassionate liberals” who “just want the best for the average American,” get control of power and keep it once and for all.  Only occasionally do they disclose their plans to “fundamentally change the United States.”  But, as we are seeing with their support of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, their pretending might now be over.

So what were they thinking in their support for Joe Biden, who they know, at best, is clearly not up to the job of being President, and, at worst, is a man with rapidly declining mental faculties?

Their first step was to get rid of Bernie and give Biden the nomination.

On Tuesday, the Biden team announced Kamala Harris as their “black female” choice for Vice President in order to spice up the campaign. After the media excitement wanes it will be back to boredom again.

After the convention, Biden will regretfully admit he has health problems and exit the scene.

The big question is, “Does Kamala Harris automatically become the presidential nominee?”

A little bit of studying gives us the answer, “No.”

This issue was discussed extensively in 2016 when Hilary Clinton was in legal jeopardy and Donald Trump was being opposed by the RINO wing of the Republican Party.  Everyone wanted to know what would happen if a nominee dropped out.

According to Elaine C. Kamarck, Senior Fellow in the Governance Studies program and the Director of the Center for Effective Public Management at the Brookings Institution, the rules are similar for both parties.  For each, the candidate must first voluntarily withdraw from the race.

This happened with 1972 vice-presidential candidate Tom Eagleton, when he withdrew after it was learned he had received treatment for mental illness.

For the Democrats, since re-convening a national convention is not feasible, (according to their Article Two), the Democratic National Committee decides.  The committee is made up according to state population, so larger states have more say.

Their choice does not have to be the current vice-presidential candidate; it can be absolutely anyone they choose!

One issue that might be of concern is how the names would be changed on the ballots in each state, especially with those using paper ballots.  But this is less important than you might think, since the electors in the Electoral College have the final say.  They meet in early December and they would be expected to vote for the nominee of the winning party.

So the critical mission for the DNC is to keep Joe locked in his basement until he is officially nominated at the convention, which starts on August 17th.  If he withdraws before then, the decision is up to the convention delegates, and Bernie Sanders holds the lead there.

If they can shove Biden over the finish line, who will they choose? Certainly not Kamala Harris. How about Michelle Obama?  Hilary?  Oprah?  Pelosi?  It’s all up for grabs and whoever controls the power in the 447 members of the DNC makes the decision.  The only person they can’t nominate is Obama, who is prohibited by the constitution from being president for more than two terms.


It’s very likely that the Central Committee of the Democrat Party actually prefers this solution.  Why bother dealing with all those messy voters with their primaries?  Wouldn’t it just be easier for the DNC to pick the candidates from now on?

In their world, average citizens are stupid and need to be guided in the “right direction.”  Once the elite Party leadership is fully in control they will make all the decisions for the people.


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