Whatfinger News: Leading the Battle To Save America From Socialism

Whatfinger News: Leading the Battle To Save America From Socialism

By Judi McLeodSeptember 20, 2020

In the midst of grueling Election Campaign Blues where the majority of mainstream and social media seem to be backing the Democrat transformation of America over to a complete misery-causing Socialist State, comes great News: Whatfinger News is gaining significantly on the Fake News disseminated daily by the once Conservative-leaning Drudge Report.

That’s the kind of WOO-HOO NEWS that has passionate lovers of America, including Canada Free Press (CFP) over the moon!

‘Whatfinger News Is Now Larger Than Almost All Aggregates Under Us Combined! ONLY Drudge is larger’… Sgt. Pat, Whatfinger, Sept. 20, 2020.

“President Trump is right…. Drudge is declining and Whatfinger is taking up the slack. If our President gave us such a note on his Twitter…. We would grow far far faster, which would help him greatly as we are his greatest friends in the news industry…”, notes Sgt. Pat.

“To Our readers: THANK YOU for voting the way you did. Letting us show the world our true size. Together now, we can take on Drudge and help educate as many people as possible, and just maybe help Trump win even more states come November. Please spread the word, and every time you see some site claiming to be a ‘Drudge killer’ knowing now that you can add up all other’ Drudge Killers’ and still they do not match Whatfinger News in page views, please let them know. Help us spread the world. We’re fighting for this nation to stay free, and up against the leftist media, this is a fight for survival so spread the word…. be a keyboard warrior and help us help our nation and President Trump…

“Below is Google Stats, which Similarweb bases their own stats on in page views:

“What this now means… Whatfinger is now not only the number 2 aggregate after Drudge, but our monthly rate as well as daily rate bests the combination of all aggregates below us. ALL OF THEM…

“Drudge Report: 63 million Page views per month.

“Whatfinger News is now at 16 million Page views plus per month…

CFP is at 6.019 million pages

Bongino is at 3.37 million pageviews per month

The Lib. Daily is at 3.228 million pageviews per month

Rantingly is at 851,000 per month

Revolver is at 352,000 per month

Total for all sites below Whatfinger News is 12,820,000 pageviews per month.”

“What this means is Whatfinger News is at present the ONLY true competition for Drudge.”

Way to go, Whatfinger!

Says Sgt. Pat: “All of those clicks you all do on our advertisers we’ll be putting to good use to grow faster so we can be a force against The Drudge Report, and the rest of the fake news industry, which seems intent on destroying the GREATEST President of our lifetime. We all know the battle that is ahead…. It’s fight time… Let us all fight with our keyboards and spread the word. Refute the lies of the fake news media and help Whatfinger grow… Together we will help save this nation so that we never need to witness a real revolution, something the left wants to try. Once they try gun confiscation in a Biden Administration, all bets are off and America will see that Second American Revolution. So we MUST do everything we can to stop them.”

Semper Fi!  God Bless America.


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