Where are the compassionate billionaires?

Where are the compassionate billionaires?

By A. Dru Kristenev –August 28, 2021

Witness how irrational hate is destroying a nation. No, this is not about Afghanistan. Not directly, anyhow.
Before answering the initial question, a self-examination is in order to avoid taking sides by assuming it’s the ‘other guys’ who have allowed strong feelings to guide votes resulting in the circumstances confronting America and, by influence, the world.

First, it’s essential to consider the results of occurrences of the last month, let alone the last 18 months. 10,000 to 40,000 Americans (possibly more) are on the brink of being left to their own devices in Afghanistan following an unprecedented post abandonment ordered by the White House. Ninety percent being evacuated thus far are not American citizens. In the meantime, at least 12 American soldiers have lost their lives to a suicide bomber just outside the fence of Hamid Karzai International Airport where hundreds were gathered hoping to find passage out of the country.

Passage of $3.5 Trillion Budget Resolution, which has yet to be written in anticipation of changing the systemic framework of the nation, forces a $29 Trillion debt ceiling.

Mandates to inoculate employees for Covid-19 are being imposed as Pfizer CEO, which serum still has EUA approval, announces that vaccine-resistant variants of Covid-19 are expected. BioNTech’s Comirnaty is the conditionally approved serum.

Dozens of nonviolent American citizens who entered the Capitol grounds January 6, 2021 are incarcerated without bail, refused contact with counsel and denied basic human rights of hygiene, light and proper nutrition by federal jailers.

Healthcare workers are refusing proper care for unvaccinated individuals in hospitals and other care facilities and refusing proven Covid-19 therapies, coercing patients to accept inadequate regimens leading to ventilator use and inevitable death.

1.2 million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border since January 2021, carrying infectious diseases including the Delta variant. Thousands are criminals and the government is transporting them to undisclosed locations all across the country without permission from recipient communities.

Election fraud has been uncovered and testified to in numerous states by thousands of affidavits and forensic evidence.

The list could go on but it is sufficient to clarify how the governmental process is being undermined and overturned by, in essence, the policies of a few. The control elicited by those who are underwriting this inversion of power from the electorate to the elected (problematic situation considering No. 7 above) has been driven by a singular motive – hate. Not just dislike or distaste, but a festering, irrational hate of individuals and population groups.

How can that be in a nation of public-educated, supposedly open-minded individuals? Media monopoly and government-run education supply the answer. Hate is the divisive tool that crosses economic and cultural lines, applicable to the policies outlined above and more.

Returning to the title inquiry having to do with the bizarre flight from Afghanistan, deserting thousands of Americans and Afghan allies to the power of a merciless enemy, escape has been wrested from the hands of American military by the White House.

Left with no choice but to appeal to independent contractors to take their own lives in hand to fly private aircraft into a small, indefensible airport, many have stepped forward to undertake such rescue.
But it takes cold hard cash to pay for the fuel and probable losses in carrying out the relief efforts that the American armed forces are being denied authorization to engage.

Instead of the White House pretending it’s doing everything possible to extract citizens and aides, welding shut the gates to the airport and denying access to stranded thousands, it accuses of avarice private citizens who are raising funds to do the government’s job. The administration’s priority is to hoard available funds, preferring to press Congress to allocate trillions of dollars toward Green New Deal protocols (No. 2).
That leaves the contractors to appeal to entrepreneurs to finance the massive operation which responsibility rightly belongs to the government.

It’s now time to ask, where are the compassionate billionaires who spend hundreds of millions to play in the outer atmosphere, headily experiencing seconds of weightlessness? Those who have accumulated their vast wealth from preying on locked-down families as did Jeff Bezos, expanding Amazon to undercut small business suffering in the wake of a pandemic?

Where is Elon Musk whose billions have been built off the back of American citizens with government subsidies underwriting Tesla (that relies on Chinese lithium batteries – connect the dots to Afghan rare earth deposits) and SpaceX that’s partnering with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic?

Where is Bill Gates, who amassed billions on Microsoft’s government contracts, investment in patenting viral development and testing for Covid-19, and response to the resultant pandemic?

Where is George Soros, whose investment in ballot tabulating equipment that is under investigation for integral corruption of the election process, who launders funds to anarchist organizations Antifa, Black Lives Matter, eco-terror groups Greenpeace, Tides Foundation, Earth First! and population redistribution via Open Society Foundation?

When will the heartless multi-billionaires, who profess to love humanity and tout compassion for the masses, ante-up and fund the rescue of thousands from the aftermath of the most egregious dereliction of duty in American history?

Answer? They won’t. These super wealthy are entrenched in their belief that humanity is the virus on the earth, not Covid, damaging it beyond repair and this is their excuse for inexcusable behavior, continuing to ignore the suffering of those caught under the control of a ruthless enemy.

Even so, we call them out to finally drop their façade of caring in order to supply aircraft and funds to rescue the trapped families of Americans and their allies.

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