Where do they Stand?

Where do they Stand?

By Michael J. Lewinski  01/26/20

Let’s review what the national Progressive Democrats stand for.

They stand for unlimited, taxpayer enabled access to abortions up through the ninth month of pregnancy.

They stand for strict regulation of or the confiscation of guns.

These Democrats stand for higher taxes to support a larger government.

They stand for a more vigorous regulation of the economy and civil society.

I would like to know where local Democrats stand on these issues. Where do they stand on guns, abortion, taxes, larger government, and the re-regulation of the economy and civil society? The Democrat Party head in Dubois County, Michael Kendal and his board should answer these questions so the citizens in Dubois County know where they stand.

They should do this just as the Republican Party should. Each party should host a town hall with their full boards explaining their positions and taking questions from the public. They should allow an hour to a two-hour session on a Saturday with complete and full press coverage.

As citizens, we have a responsibility to be informed about the issues that matter to us as individuals. It’s our civic duty so we can make informed decisions. No one gets to gripe if they don’t take the opportunity these parties can offer.

We are in a critical time period in our nation’s history. Economic, geopolitical and political forces are challenging us as never before in our country’s history. A bond market is set to blow up as we have extremely low-interest rates. We have stock markets setting all-time high records as the Federal Reserve pumps trillions of dollars into the markets.

On the international front, Russian and American helicopters have engaged in battle in Iraq. Iran is at loggerheads with America as they grow closer to engaging in war with us. Progressive Socialist Democrats are working to undo the U.S. Constitution and nullify all our rights.

Are you going to do your civic duty and learn about the important issues for the upcoming elections if the parties hold town halls? Will the Democrats and Republicans step up to the plate?

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