Where will the money go if Congress lifts the debt ceiling?

Where will the money go if Congress lifts the debt ceiling?

By A. Dru KristenevSeptember 22, 2021

Lift the debt ceiling, which the House has already voted to do, and the $6-10 Trillion in funding will be directed:

  1. Against so-called domestic terrorists – you and me – to undo First and Second Amendment curbs on government;
  2. To subjugate the unvaccinated, which includes any who are up to 14 days past their second shot, and arbitrarily one or many booster shots by banning access to cheap, effective treatments that CDC recommends in other nations and for refugees;
  3. To force citizens out of their gas-fueled vehicles and fossil fueled energy plants that power the electric vehicles the government is subsidizing;
  4. To underwrite the inundation of communities everywhere with illegal border crossers, unqualified amnesty seekers and “refugees” from Afghanistan;
  5. To create an expanded IRS that follows every bank transaction to accounts holding over $600;
  6. To continue to dismantle election integrity that disenfranchises the majority of Americans…

There is a concerted effort to eliminate the conservative sector

Numbering the interference with individual rights could go on. The list is virtually endless of invasive and unconstitutional edicts, policies and regulations that’s on its way to establishing a coercive, restrictive and discriminatory autocracy run by unelected and unaccountable paper-pushers who make a comfortable living funded by citizens who continue to suffer shortages and hyper-inflation. Ruinous taxation and oppression of average Americans drives the agenda behind dispensing with all fiscal responsibility by adding to the unserviceable $30 Trillion debt of the United States.

There is a concerted effort to eliminate the conservative sector, which eclipses the radical progressive block by a ratio of as much as four to one. Utilizing election fraud, growing economic stress, restricting appropriate healthcare treatment and importing millions – yes, millions – of immigrants, most of them entering illegally.

Check reports from Del Rio, TX even from corporatist media about the shuttling of thousands of Haitians, etc. to other cities all across the country with a fraction of them being flown out of the country. This story tells why illegals are being welcomed by the administration: . The multi-trillion dollar boondoggle supplies the reason.

There is no time left to sit by and watch the rapid dissolution of this nation at the hands of irresponsible spendthrifts in Congress who continue to devalue every dollar in the populace’s wallet.

Don’t wait to contact your senator. Whatever occurs, there’s never a time to accept wrong decisions as inevitable. Continue to stand for the Constitution and individual rights that the founders so carefully laid out in the exceptional documents that established this nation of hope and freedom.

Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-2131

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