Who Controls You?

Who Controls You?

By Michael J. Lewinski  – 11/23/20

Jim Morrison once said, “whoever controls the media, controls the minds.” Everywhere and always the media is used for propaganda that manipulates the public to control the minds of targeted populations. Dr. Edward Bernays was the early 20th-century person who incorporated scientific principles into the social sciences as a pattern for manipulating people’s perceptions.

The Progressive coalition in the 2020 election followed the playbook and employed Bernays’s propaganda techniques to steal the election. It not only infects the body politics but the consumer markets as well. Various voices from Charles Hugh Smith to the Pope have warned of the harm modern Western consumer societies inflict on people. Many problems we face as a country can be traced back to excessive consumerism.

The Progressive coalition employed old school cheating methods such as dead people voting and the introduction of boxes of fake ballots to the newly printed ballots for Biden. The more modern methods include Dominion voting machines loaded with Smartmatic software which had algorithms designed to flip votes from President Trump to Biden’s column. They also ran through the scanners counting votes multiple times to increase Vice President Biden’s tally.

The cheating and fraud that took place in the 2020 election, is the greatest crime that has ever been pulled off in all of America’s history. No matter what the Mainstream Media, Social Media companies like Facebook, and Twitter claim, or the Progressive Democrats or RINO Republicans say, this supposed Biden victory will be overturned in the Federal courts.

President Trump’s legal team, led by America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell are on the case. They have hundreds of sworn affidavits (and are collecting more all the time) that attest to the various methods the Democrats used to throw the election. We must pray for these hero lawyers who are saving our country from the tyrants trying to overthrow the U.S. Constitution.

As a people, we must rely upon God to protect us from the evil that has overtaken our country. He is the only hope for our America and all of humanity.


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