Who’s Behind the Curtain?

Who’s Behind the Curtain?

by Don Rosenberg 6/11/19

It looks like everything around the world is going to hell in a hand basket. North Korea has backed away from their denuclearization promises, Iran is aggressively attacking American interests on multiple fronts, and China recently withdrew their proposed agreements to settle their trade deal issues.

On the home front, despite a clean slate on “collusion with the Russians” and a determination that there is no basis for prosecution on obstruction, the Democrats are still insisting that Trump should be impeached and New York officials and congressional committee members have paved the way for the release of the President’s tax returns. They know that any complicated business enterprise the size of Trump’s will have transactions that may not be illegal, but some of them could be framed to be embarrassing to the President.

I used to think that the infamous George Soros was the main instigator of all these issues, but now I’m considering other options.

Enter China. China is in a fight for its economic life. Their economy is hurting and their trade with the US is being challenged by President Trump’s new tariffs. Their plan is to become the strongest economy and eventually the greatest military power in the world. Their economic and military growth has largely been fueled by thousands of sophisticated hacks to steal US technology, requirements that US companies trading in China turn over their trade secrets, and good old-fashioned spying. Now we’re learning they’ve been embedding spyware into their computers and cell phones and are using sophisticated surveillance camera technologies to oversee Muslim dissident regions of their own country. Why else would their top cellphone company be owned by the military?

There is probably a lot of blackmail and bribery at work here, too. Joe Biden’s son received millions from the Chinese, does that explain why he recently claimed that China is not a competitor to the US? With all those hacks of our computers, would it be difficult for them to hack into personal computers of 535 Senators and Congressmen? Everyone has something they’re not proud of and the evidence is often on their PCs or phones. As a Senator or Congressman on the fence about legislation to push back against Chinese aggression would a simple phone call or untraceable email cause them to back off?

This shouldn’t concern you, right? There’s no way that millions of email and phone calls could be monitored. But I personally know of a serious effort by their government for Chinese citizens to learn English from Americans. Why would this be? Are tens of thousands of them planning to vacation at Disney World? Or do they need people to monitor communications from America?

There is only one man who is immune to bribery and blackmail, and he’s the current President of the United States. And his chances for reelection in 2020 are looking pretty good… Unless there are multiple foreign policy crises in the world and Democrats can be convinced to continue the drumbeat that Trump is a crook by digging into everything they can.

Notice the timing. Everything was going well with North Korea, ISIS was defeated in Iraq and Syria, and the Mueller investigation turned out to be a nothing-burger. But when Trump refused to back down from the Chinese and started imposing serious trade sanctions and tariffs, suddenly everything is in turmoil again.

So keep an eye out for the Chinese and let’s start learning who is pulling the strings.

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