Whose job is it anyway?

Whose job is it anyway?

By James Harrison

The months of November and December are traditionally great months for family get-togethers.
We look forward to seeing a lot of our siblings and of course our parents along with other close relatives
who we have likely not seen for months to “catch up.” Good food, good companionship and the sharing
of great memories are what we expect. It has always been a great American tradition, Thanksgiving and
Christmas Day – like no other nation on earth. These are two family traditions that help hold this nation
together. Customs that promote health, love and stability or at least that’s how we baby boomers
remember these good ole times.

But that was then, and this is now. In our “woke” 21st century, things have drastically changed especially
over the last 70 years and seemingly at warp speed over the last two decades of that era. It all seemed
to start with two parents working outside of the home in order to keep up with the Joneses and have more
for themselves and their family. However, and not coincidentally, divorce soon became a thing under
restrictive circumstances at first then quickly followed with no conditions at all. The pill was next
and then came the ultimate in birth control – abortion with our unnatural family path ending at gay
marriage. Each item mentioned in turn chipped away at the foundation of all civilization, the cornerstone
being the traditional family.

So, what has this left us with? For starters, close to half of the children in America (some demographics as
high as 70%) are no longer being raised by their natural parents. As a result, some children have one
parent or two sets of parents and in some cases even more.

But that does not seem to have been harmful enough for Americans. Due in large part to Federal
monetary incentives, government officials are now entering into homes and removing even more children
from their natural parents and placing them in foster homes. Many of these trusting children are being
purposely dumbed down and restrained with drugs, often resulting in suicides and in some cases even
facing death at the hands of their state-appointed stewards.

This is all taking place in a contemporary America which enables and encourages young couples to just
cohabitate instead of getting married and if a child is conceived in the process, they can always sacrifice
that unplanned “burden” at the altar of convenience. And of course, the “Gender dysphoria” fad is in
full swing with its practitioners having been told that they are born that way and thus entitled and
declared normal by secular humanist standards.

I’m sorry did I happen to mention our educational institutions and public libraries? Libraries where we now
find an ample supply of sexually confused men in drag inviting young children to mimic their activities or
at least sit on their laps. Not to be outdone, our public schools implement sex programs the likes of which
include pornography and how to relieve the pain of having unnatural sex. I won’t be specific here because
we are talking about dinner, right? All of this being blessed by male fairy Godmothers of course.

So, we have children not living with their natural parents who they inherently need and living under ungodly
social pressures being applied to them to question not only their birth sex but the authority of their
parents. It seems that the government and other institutions of influence are better equipped to help
children along in life than those rascally ole parents who, by the way, were the ones that got up in the
middle of the night, dashing their 103 degreed fevered child to the emergency room.

Ok, so now that we have identified our diverse family players, how about we sit down to our Thanksgiving
meal already? But now due to our new woke modern families, there must be new rules of engagement
which come in the form of commandments which we fathers know by heart.

Commandment #1: No talk of politics, religion or sex.
Commandment #2: Thou shall not offend; all talk must be kept light and impersonal, especially you fathers
if you ever want to be welcomed in your own house again.
Commandment #3: Thou shall not judge.

Ok, so now what? First of all, the family patriarchs need to finally live up to their biblical and societal
mandate. It is because of our complacency, laziness and even ignorance that all of this moral insanity has
been allowed to happen. Oh, we can blame it on our wives, the schools, government or even the church,
but it happened under our watch, in our house and after all, it is our children and not theirs.

And please, regardless of where you are and what has happened in the past, it is now up to you to be the
leader you were born to be and take back your family and in doing so, secure this nation’s destiny in the
process. What about those Turkey Day commandments? There are ways around the unholy edits that
have been laid down by society and enforced by your wife. Actually, why don’t you start by simply asking
your wife’s assistance in helping you to reclaim your family?

This must all be done with one thing in mind. The job of teaching your children authority and morals is
yours and your wife’s. After all, these are your children, not the schools’, the libraries’ or your pastor’s.
You need to take back ownership thru prayer first and then with the help of your wife, pastor, family
and friends. I have the confidence that you can make that move. But you can’t do it until you decide that
it is important and necessary, and remember, with God all things are possible.

Holiday Helpful hint: Last year at Christmas I introduced my children to a family game, “Say Something,”
that helped us all to drop our guard, better enjoy the time and lay the groundwork to future conversations.
It really helped. This year I’m looking at a new game called Jesus vs. Santa. I haven’t seen it yet but it sure
sounds interesting. Good luck guys, I’ve got faith in you because after all, being the leader in the family is
your job; you’ve already seen what happens when you farm it out to others, Amen?

James Harrison is the founder and leader of the Natural Family Foundation.

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