Why A 28th Amendment Could Totally Destroy the Entire U.S. Constitution

Why A 28th Amendment Could Totally Destroy the Entire U.S. Constitution

By Earl Wallace – 8/8/2020

We periodically receive an email or other communication that recommends we reel in Congress with a proposed 28th Amendment, the provisions of which would compel our elected officials to behave in an honorable way.  While we all desire to see our elected leaders behave more righteously, here’s why we should not support any constitutional amendments.  Please read to the end for the solution we need, as I believe God will honor it to help us turn around our nation.  

Constitutional Amendments only can be adopted following a “Convention of The States” at which 35 of America’s state legislature bodies would have to agree to ratify a US Constitutional amendment. 

A Federal Constitution Convention (sometimes called an Article V Constitutional Convention or Con-Con) is called if 2/3 of the States pass resolutions requesting one. The members of a Federal Con-Con are appointed by the State legislators, who are shafting US now!  We-the-people have no say in choosing delegates to a Con-Con.  The sinners who are agents of our current corrupt, anti-10 Commandments and anti-“unalienable rights” violating democrat and republican parties, will chose their cronies as delegates. 

A mistaken belief is that a Con-Con only would determine if the 28th Amendment would be approved or disapproved, but once a Con-Con is called, the entire US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is up for grabs and can be re-written! 

If we allow the rebellious sinners who are shafting US (pun intended) now to get their hands on re-writing our Constitution, they will codify us as the China they admire and the Russia they blame for what they do!

Amendments must be approved by 3/4 of the States (35 states) and because the US Constitution protects our rights; all our rights would be at risk, in every state of the union!!!

A Constitutional change is too drastic and dangerous.  However, America does need some CPR!

Join our “Coalition for A Principled Republic” and advocate, whatever your party, only candidates by nominated who have demonstrated a 10-Commandment value system. America’s political problems, from the school board up will be solved when we do this.

On Thursday, July 23 at 10:30 a.m., I provided a Biblical Basis of Bill of Rights session at Camp Constitution in New Hampshire, during which I explained how God’s Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 express our natural rights, called “unalienable” in the Declaration of Independence!    Here’s the FB link to that session: 


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