Why all the fake polls?

Why all the fake polls?

By Don Rosenberg 9/24/2020

Once again we are seeing scores of polls saying “Biden has a commanding lead” in the election, “Biden leads in Ohio,” and “there’s no way Trump will win Virginia.” Isn’t this what Hollywood does, remakes of old movies hoping the new version will do better than the original? We were lied to in 2016, will we be fooled again?

Steve Deace, a conservative commentator and polling expert, recently reviewed four recent polls and examined their “internals” – the details on how the poll was conducted and who was interviewed. He carefully analyzed the models used to predict the election and how the various voter segments were over or under-sampled.

He described each of the polls as “totally worthless” for various reasons. His video can be viewed here. The most common problem was the sample sizes of the different parties. For example, if reasonable projections are that 30% of the voters will be Republicans, 35% will be Democrats and 35% will be independents, a poll that weights the results for 35% Republicans, 50% Democrats and 15% independents is useless.

So why are these pollsters disclosing their methodology showing they are seriously flawed? One would think that a polling organization would pride itself on accurate results, especially when the real poll comes out in November. Why would you hire them if they can’t get the right answer?

Just like reporters used to “report” the news and now slant their information to deceive the public, pollsters are using their science aura to peddle the results that their paying clients want – regardless of what it may do to the pollsters’ reputations.

The reasons why the Democrats and the Left Media commission so many fake polls are numerous. They certainly want to demoralize Republicans into giving up and not voting while pumping up Democrat support for a truly horrible candidate. But the main reason has to do with their end game for the November election.

When Hillary lost in 2016 amidst scores of polls saying she was a shoe-in, the shock was so great that many Democrats went bat-crazy. The fact that she probably won the “popular vote” gave them the feeling that Trump was an illegitimate president – exposing their limited knowledge of how the Electoral College works –  and therefore anything they did to get him out of office was justified – hence the three-plus years of resistance, obstruction and impeachment.

So anything the Democrats do in 2020 to get rid of Trump, however extreme or illegal, is warranted, and the Big Four social media giants of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google are on board and willing to skew search results, offer disinformation, and censor free speech to make it happen.

In their arrogance the Democrats have made their plans crystal clear – depress the Republican vote and add millions of fake mail-in ballots as needed to tip the election in the swing states. In every proposed budget or legislation, they’ve included provisions for nation-wide mail in voting, eliminating safeguards for voter integrity, and are currently trying to postpone ballot counting in Democrat controlled swing states. They’re putting together a massive “dream team” of Democrat lawyers to contest every vote and oppose Republican accusations of fraud.

This is why the recent passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has stirred up such a hornet’s nest of protest from the Left. If Trump can get a new justice installed before the election the court will have a 6-3 conservative majority, (really 5-4 since Roberts can’t be trusted). The final election determination is likely to be made in the Supreme Court.

The Democrats are also planning for massive nationwide protests (read “riots”) when Trump wins to intimidate judges into “giving into the crowd” in order to restore law and order. They’ve been perfecting their rioting and looting techniques in Portland and Seattle for months.

If the Democrats win they have telegraphed their plans for our country – pack the court with new liberal judges, eliminate the filibuster in the Senate and pack it with four liberal Senators from the new states of Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, mandate universal mail-in voting, and eliminate the Electoral College. The Democrats would control our country and the Republicans would never win an election again. We would suffer the fate of Californians, but have nowhere safe to move to.

As conservatives and patriots, our mission is clear. We must not only vote in November, but bring ten friends with us. We must become poll workers and report any fraud or abuse we encounter, and we must secure our ways to communicate with each other in the face of the Big Four social media giants and their censorship.

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