Why are Democrat Mayors Allowing Looting in Their Cities?

Why are Democrat Mayors Allowing Looting in Their Cities?

by Anonymous – 6/16/2020

I have been astounded by the response of Democrat mayors and governors relating to the death of George Floyd and the protests, rioting and looting. Why did they tell their police forces to “use a light hand” and allow riots and looting in their cities?

This is certainly politically incorrect, but I think I am seeing a master/slave relationship, where the masters see their slaves as an inferior race. There are many examples: abortion and affirmative action are just two.

Their support for abortion goes back to the early times of the Democrat party and the establishment of Planned Parenthood. They insist that African-Americans must have access to abortion on demand that is ongoing, free, unrestricted and nearby – even after birth. In my opinion, this is not to ensure that “women have the right to choose,” but to control the population of black Americans, since they are the main “customers” at abortion clinics.

Most of you know the real history of Margaret Sanger and her eugenics theories as the basis for Planned Parenthood. Check this article.

“Of the over 44 million abortions since the 1973 Roe vs Wade Supreme Court ruling, 19 million black babies were aborted… 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of minority communities.”

So Democrats don’t want their country overrun by blacks, but we know they desperately want the black vote. This shows their priority – they’re willing to give up 19 million voters (plus their children) “to keep the race pure.”

What is the reason for the Democrat insistence on “affirmative action?”

In my opinion, their private thinking is “since blacks are intellectually inferior, they need help to succeed.” But they phrase it as giving blacks payback for prior discrimination. If they can convince blacks of this, they think they will get their vote.

And Democrats insist on opposing education choice and homeschooling while rewriting history. Why? — To control the way all of our children think.

Instead of insisting that black children are intellectually equal and need an education that challenges them to reach their full potential, we see low expectations for their performance in math, reading or science. They are given inferior schooling and then receive preferential treatment in college admissions – privately because “they’re just not as smart” and publically as more benefits of loyally voting Democrat. These unprepared students are more likely to fail. But that’s OK, since liberal colleges will have them for at least four years to continue their indoctrination.

So why are the mayors and governors dealing with the George Floyd killing permitting the riots and looting that have resulted?

The best I can come up with is that they see blacks as slaves on the plantation. To keep them under control and not realizing how poorly they are being treated, they “rile them up” every so often to make them hate non-Democrat white people and ignore who’s really keeping them down.

African-Americans are encouraged to protest and shout out their anger. If they want to riot and destroy their own communities and businesses, that’s fine, as long as they don’t head to the suburbs. If their local businesses are destroyed and black workers are thrown out of their jobs, that’s OK; the Democrats will pay for them to be on welfare where they can be controlled, and will set up programs in the inner cities to “rebuild” with plenty of opportunity for graft and corruption to line the pockets of elected officials and the Democrat party.

Is looting a form of payoff? — Rob some stores and get some free tennis shoes and flat screen TVs? Are African-Americans being taught to believe they are entitled to this?

I think Democrats want African-Americans kept corralled in the inner cities where they can be controlled and exploited for their votes. To stay in power, Democrats will say and do anything to manipulate the African-American community to vote for them – calling Trump a racist, saying he supports white supremacists, and magnifying every imagined slight into another talking point about how horrible Trump is. This is nothing new, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made a living from this for decades.

On the other hand, conservatives see ALL Americans as a treasure. ALL lives matter. We need to protect all Americans from violence, police brutality and discrimination in all forms. It is our people who make our country great, not our government.

Republicans were the party that opposed slavery and freed the slaves. Democrats were the party of the Ku Klux Klan that resisted emancipation and created the Jim Crow laws.

Conservatives see all lives as precious and therefore, oppose unrestricted abortion on demand. Instead they support better access to birth control and responsible sexual behavior. If conservatives hate blacks so much, why do we fight against killing so many black babies in the womb?

We oppose affirmative action because it is a false choice. Instead of giving under-educated black children preferential treatment in school admissions where they are unprepared and more likely to fail, we know the potential of ALL children and we want them to have a high-quality education. On the other hand, we are happy to give special support to qualified students who come from poor families, regardless of skin color.

We see the killing of George Floyd as a despicable act by a police officer with a record of using excessive force, especially toward black people. He, and any other bad apples, should have been rooted out of the police force a long time ago. Remember, Minneapolis is a city run completely by Democrats.

We see looting as destroying the very communities that have been harmed by police brutality. These poorer communities are the most fragile in our country and need to be nurtured and supported, not burned to the ground.

There are two more players in this drama, in addition to the Democrats and Republicans – Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They work in the shadows to stir up tensions between blacks and whites in order to take down our entire government. By creating anarchy, they feel they can create a new government that they can control, and if they can manipulate unhappy, confused black people to loot and burn their own communities, they’re all for it.

Here’s a informative video about Antifa – https://youtu.be/c2TGu76zOCs

So where do we go from here?

First we need to realize that Americans are being manipulated by many different powerful groups, including the Democrats and the liberal media, and the anarchists of Antifa and BLM.

Our country is being divided into black and white, rich and poor, so others can gain power. There is an insurrection going on right under our noses.

The good news is that many people are starting to figure this out. They recognize the absurdity of Democrat leadership that allows lawlessness and destruction in the very inner city communities that they are supposed to be protecting and supporting.

Americans are uniting under this assault. We see blacks and whites and even police officers marching together to oppose police brutality and make long-needed reforms. They are seeing how they are being manipulated by Antifa insurrectionists to destroy their communities, and are starting to identify the bussed-in instigators to authorities. “Protesters” are protecting their local businesses and turning in looters.

Law and order is the key to prosperity, regardless of whether it’s on the streets of inner cities, or in the ranks of the police departments charged with keeping us safe.

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  1. Greg -

    Love it! I couldn’t have said it any better, my only question being why does the media and independent journalists not see this? Surely they can’t be that naïve? Right? There are players that live by the Soros doctrine and puppets controlled by the Soros money machine. The puppets are what worry me.

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