Why Democrats Favor Lawlessness and Terrorism Over Donald J. Trump

Why Democrats Favor Lawlessness and Terrorism Over Donald J. Trump

By Dennis JamisonAugust 27, 2020

Looking backward with the part of 2020 that is in the rear view mirror, it is quite amazing that as the United States plunged further into the new year, the Democrat leadership digressed further and further from rational thought or intelligent expression. The year began with the Democrat leadership siding with the terrorists who honored and praised General Soleimani. In fact, the American citizens received a prelude to what would be coming out of Democrats for the entire year. It was not just the Democrat leadership, but the minions in the mainstream media and Hollywood elitists who demonstrated they did not just hate Donald Trump, they showed a higher regard for recognized terrorists who are responsible for the killing of thousands of people than any respect for an American president.

Why is Joe Biden so friendly toward China and so negative toward the United States?

The Democrat leadership was distracted with impeachment proceedings during the time, but not long after President Trump made the decision to restrict incoming travel from Communist China, many Democrat leaders, including Joe Biden, second guessed the president and said it was not necessary and that he was overreacting. Biden even took the opportunity by attacking what the former Vice President referred to as Trump’s “record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear mongering.” Biden went so far at the time as to say that President Trump “is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.” The Democrats are still attacking Trump’s efforts on his Administration’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. But, now they are saying he did not do enough.

During that time, many criticized the POTUS for identifying the coronavirus as coming from China which was an echo from the Chinese Communist Party propaganda. Many Democrat leaders were adamant in defending China, yet in attacking Trump as racist. Many of the MSM outlets seemed to be parroting CCP propaganda at the time. So, it is possible to begin to knit together a pattern of severe criticism of Trump even in siding with America’s enemies. But, as the COVID-19 Pandemic did begin to spread across the United States, it became the Democrat leaders in various states who suddenly were transformed into xenophobes and fear mongers as Democrat governors implemented draconian lockdown orders. They refrained from being critical of what was discovered later as the Chinese government’s coverup of the CCP-Virus for a significant period.

Democrat leaders freely defend the CCP and the oppressive regime. Joe Biden was caught deflecting concerns over the Chinese government in May of last year, as he dismissed China as a potential threat to the U.S. “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man… they’re not competition for us.” He would get testy later as Hunter Biden’s business dealings were exposed, not only in the Ukraine, but in China as well. During the campaign in Iowa that May, however, he stated the Chinese: “can’t figure out how they are going to deal with the corruption that exists within the system. I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what, they’re not competition for us.” It may make one wonder why is Joe Biden so friendly toward China and so negative toward the United States.

The Democrat Party leadership today is more concerned about the Party than they are concerned for the country

Since the CCP-Virus has subsided in the U.S., and since the fear is waning, another threat that the Democrats have shown a higher regard for has been the lawlessness and domestic terrorism that has recently shredded the social fabric in this nation. While Democrat-dominated cities held back their law enforcement departments, anarchists, and terrorist organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter destroyed their downtown areas—businesses and neighborhoods alike. Those Democrat leaders in those major cities again demonstrated they did not just hate Donald Trump, they showed a higher regard for organized terrorists responsible for beating and even killing other American citizens—even children. Where was the outcry over this violence at the recent DNC?

The reason that Democrat leaders would rather side with Middle Eastern terrorists, or a Chinese regime of systematic terror against its own citizens, or the home-grown and the illegal immigrant terrorists on our city streets, is because they do not love this country. It is a nation of immigrants for sure, but if the Democrat Party can no longer control them on their well constructed plantations of mental manipulation, or through allowing drugs to flood into the communities, or through controlled poverty, they would willingly punish the ones who are beginning to wake up to their racket. In fact, the whole “Democrat Party” is run more like a crime syndicate than a political party, which means to them “it’s just business.”

The Democrat Party leadership today is more concerned about the Party than they are concerned for the country. This is why international terrorists can be praised while the president is despised. This is why a nation that terrorizes its own citizens cannot be considered a threat, while Donald Trump, who helped America recover from the Obama era economy, is continually attacked for all he does. This is why terrorists on the streets of America are not criticized, even after the deaths of innocent civilians at the hands of the mob, while the POTUS has been criticized daily.

Donald Trump stands in a similar position to Abraham Lincoln as “old Abe” faced this nation’s worst nightmare: a war against itself. Americans are worried about the dreaded prospect. Democrats, who see Trump, not as a major threat to the United States, as they and the “Never Trumpers” proclaim, but as a threat to their “gravy train” of benefits that they are able to cash in on by being “the government.” This is to say nothing of the unseen benefits to other shadow operators who put these puppets up to what they do in the hallowed halls of our state and national governments. To the political criminal cabal, America is just a big fat plum for the taking.

Trump is peeling away the deception of the criminal cabal that has been running America

Trump, like Lincoln, has to fight for the fundamental ideals at the foundation of the nation. Will the political criminal cabal initiate a civil war to keep dominion over that plum? Citizens are witnessing the answer as they see what is currently occurring on the streets of our major cities. It almost appears as if the Democrat leaders want to intimidate the American people into giving up their right to vote. Ultimately, it is those American people who will decide in 2020. It is being decided now. Good Americans are weighing the risks; they see and understand.

The people will decide, but the decision is more than just between the two tickets of opposing political candidates for the most powerful national position in the world. The real choice is between a criminal-political system that has been in control of the United States and a system of government that truly belongs to the people—as Lincoln stated “the government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” In opposition to this, a literal “good-old boy” network was carefully corrupted by criminals, but an outsider by the name of Donald J. Trump is wreaking havoc upon such a criminal syndicate.

There are many layers of the proverbial onion, but Trump is peeling away the deception of the criminal cabal that has been running America. That is why anything else under the sun is not a threat, but the man who has been trusted to “drain the swamp” is an existential threat—to the cabal. Just as Lincoln was viewed by the slave owners as an existential threat to their power, prestige, and wealth, Trump is viewed in the same light by the criminal-political system. As Lincoln expressed it at Gettysburg, the nation needs a new birth of freedom so that the government of the people “shall not perish from this earth.”

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