Why do Liberals Hate Trump?

Thousands of demonstrators protest anticipated immigration policies of president-elect Donald Trump during a march, Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016 in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)  NYTCREDIT: Mark Lennihan/Associated Press

Why Do Liberals Hate Trump? 

by Don Rosenberg 8/27/19

Why is it that liberals have such trouble with President Trump? Yes, he’s a conservative, and yes, he wants a border wall, but is there something else about him that just drives them crazy?

I believe that the way he communicates is a major source of their upset.

Sure, we know his tweets drive them crazy, mostly because they’re totally unfiltered and often offensive to some, and often contradictory. I think he does this partly to drive the media crazy – it’s sure working. Trump can control the news of the day with a simple tweet – starving the scores of Democrat presidential candidates of air time and forcing them to make outrageous statements just to get face time.

But the other reason they hate Trump so much is that he doesn’t speak their language of feelings, compassion, feigned politeness and “culture.”

Even though he’s a billionaire, Donald Trump isn’t part of the New York elite. He has more in common with painters and bricklayers than college professors. Think of his history as a real estate developer and builder in New York City.

If you’re a plumber doing a job in Trump Tower and you’re a week behind schedule, you’re not going to hear “Excuse me, would you mind explaining when you think you’ll be done with your work?” No, you’re going to get “WHAT THE —- IS GOING ON? GET THIS JOB DONE IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS OR YOU’RE FIRED, AND I’LL MAKE SURE NO ONE HIRES YOU IN THIS TOWN AGAIN!”

This is the language that works in The City.

When someone says something bad about you, you don’t ask him out for tea and discuss your feelings, you leave a voicemail tearing him a new one.

Trump’s language also includes a lot of features from basic marketing, most of which involve understanding your audience and repeating your message in easy terms. Trump realizes that most people are exhausted with politics and don’t pay much attention. So he keeps repeating the same lines again and again, knowing that eventually everyone will hear him the 7-10 times they need to make an impression.

To Liberals, this is simplistic and they think Trump is lacking intellect. But a friend told me he heard his testimony in a civil trial about a complicated real estate deal many years ago, and Trump testified on every detail for over an hour without any notes. Clearly this man is not a mental lightweight.

So why does middle America respond to Trump?

Because he speaks their language.

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