Why doesn’t Biden want a big to-do if he’s inaugurated?

Why doesn’t Biden want a big to-do if he’s inaugurated?

By A. Dru KristenevDecember 18, 2020

There could be any number of reasons why the Biden apparatchiks aren’t encouraging multitudes to descend upon Washington, D.C. for a presumed inauguration celebration, but the obvious one is that the turnout would be embarrassing.

Reason One – The actual number of supporters is humiliatingly small despite all the hype from the campaign and media mafiosos. For proof, all one need do is rerun the vast crowds that never showed up at any of the Biden rallies. Nor can the lack of attendance be blamed on fear of the Chinese virus. That never seemed to discourage the thousands of rioters combing the streets of Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, D.C., New York or Kenosha shouting, looting, shooting and stabbing innocent victims and, well, themselves.

Reason Two – The serious lack of fashion sense at any inaugural ball would be enough to cause Joe and “Dr.” Biden to prefer hiding in a green room somewhere rather than gladhanding a collection of comrades decked out in ripped jeans, Che Guevara tees, Chinese slave-made Nikes or the haute couture of Antifa Black. The only designer rags (accessorized by matching facemasks, no doubt) would be donned by congressional reps who, alone of the Biden groupies, could afford to dress-up since the majority of his following still dwell with Mom and Dad or are on the government dole.

Reason Three – (And this is the rationale being circulated by the Biden committee.) Everyone is being warned to stay at home and simmer in their Covid incubator until they get the all-clear to line up for their vaccination, brought to them by the ever-efficient Trump Administration.

The one thing the Biden “transition team” has overlooked in their plans to move into the White House January 20, 2021 is the ramped-up investigation of Chinese Communist Party influence on the whole Biden family. Last but not least is the continuing flood of election interference and vote fraud that swamped the major population centers in the “swing” states that bought him this election.

With all the conspiracy among the democrats, media and social media to distract and censor information pouring forth from witnesses followed-up by the due diligence of forensic scientists, detectives, legal teams, legislators and everyday citizens that are paying attention, the truth is being uncovered.

What difference will that make, some may ask. Envision planning a tremendous display of finery and fireworks to usher in the new (old) era of globalist priorities of closing down a vibrant economy and shutting-in dissident worker bees only to have a damper put on their grandiose gala.

The democrats don’t have to imagine such an outcome after years of plotting and planning to twist every screw in order to engineer a government re-takeover for their democrat savior. It just might be a mortifying reprise of the Hillary Clinton campaign celebration that never was.

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