Will Americans Wake Up Before the Ship of State Sinks to the Bottom of the Sea?

Will Americans Wake Up Before the Ship of State Sinks to the Bottom of the Sea?

By Jack Gleason – 9/9/21

If the average brain-washed American was a passenger on the Titanic, he would be neck deep in icy cold water by now.  His wife and kids, along with all their luggage, are floating around him and he’s trying to figure out what’s wrong.

“The First Mate says everything is fine, and to just stay in our cabin,” he tells his children, “this is a small leak that will be repaired shortly.”

“But I saw the him jump into a life boat an hour ago,” his wife gurgles.

“I’m sure he’s just going for some extra help.”

“I saw the ship hit a huge iceberg,” says his son, clinging to a suitcase.

“The purser said it was just a minor scrape.”

“Daddy, the water is cold.  I’m afraid,” says his daughter, holding the other side of the suitcase and her favorite dolly.

“Don’t worry honey, someone will be along to help us soon.  The experts say the Titanic is unsinkable, we’ll be fine.”

As the water tops his head, and he drinks the icy water into his lungs, what is going through the mind of our mind-numbed passenger?  Does he realize he was horribly wrong, or does he go to his watery grave still clinging to the belief that everything is fine and help is on the way?  Does he regret not paying attention to what was going on and not questioning “the authorities?”

How do millions of Americans wake up from delusional thinking, especially when the delusions were purposely manufactured by unknown forces?  They have been artfully manipulated by the strongest human emotion – fear – specifically, fear of death.

All these contradictory views are driven by this fear.  “Wear the masks, they’ll protect us.”  That is why it’s OK to force others to wear their masks.  There is no concern about others’ health, only about their personal health.  And does it even register when the same official “expert” says masks are useless, then they’re essential, and then they’re not needed any more, and now you should triple mask?

When someone in authority says the only hope to save your lives is a vaccine, they line up to take it on the first day.  And those who don’t get the shots – they are keeping the evil virus alive.  It’s OK to take their freedoms away and make them second-class citizens.

The brain-washed don’t care about possible side effects, but rationalize that it won’t happen to them.  They don’t care if thousands die as long as they are OK.

What do they think about people trying to raise the alarm about tests designed to give false positives, or the fact that no one can produce a single sample of a live COVID-19 virus?  It’s all “false information.”

How about when the current vaccines are known not to protect people from the dreaded “Delta Variant,” which seems to be flooding hospitals with new patients, but the authorities keep insisting that everyone needs the COVID shots?

We are facing so many logical inconsistencies they are too numerous to list.  They include questions about why Americans returning to the country are required to undergo COVID screening, but hundreds of thousands of illegals can walk right in and be flown to the interior, or how our government can leave Afghanistan by recalling the troops first, abandoning bases and leaving billions of dollars worth of military equipment behind, leaving thousands of American citizens and Afghani supporters behind as hostages, or how the current administration can bankrupt the country by paying people not to work.

At some point the mind-numbed will awaken and realize the threat is not from their fellow Americans, but from those manipulating our government, our media, and our medical system.  They will be very angry.

We can only hope that the icy water won’t be over their heads at the time.

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