Will Biden supporters finally realize they’ve been conned?

Will Biden supporters finally realize they’ve been conned?

by Don Rosenberg – 10/26/2020

When Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski accused Joe Biden of lying about his involvement in his family’s overseas dealings 90 minutes before Thursday’s debate, many well-meaning Democrats finally started to realize the brutal truth – Joe Biden, the Democrat party, the Left Media, and the social media giants have been perpetuating a massive con on the American people.

The New York Post has been fearlessly covering the story of massive corruption on the part of Joe, James and Hunter Biden taking foreign money in exchange for “access” to the White House.

When the news about Hunter Biden’s laptop came out, the immediate Democrat response was “this is another Russian hoax to prop up Trump.” That lie unraveled quickly as the emails’ authenticity were confirmed, Hunter Biden’s signature on the computer store receipt was verified and details on the laptop proved it was his.

Democrat politicians and their allies are attempting to con America to win political power in the coming election. If you fell for the liberal con, remember that many people are victims of fraud.

People who work in fraud prevention often find that the victims refuse to believe the evidence before their eyes. Human nature is such that anyone at any time can be conned and manipulated to do almost anything if the con man is skilled enough. Basic instincts such as fear, greed, and even altruism, can be used to wipe out your bank account, give someone the keys to your car, and have you search through their wallet to give them your last dollar.

Recognizing you’ve been conned is extremely difficult. The smarter you are, the more likely you are to rationalize away the truth. But eventually you figure it out, and the damage isn’t just to your bank account, it’s to your faith in your fellow man. And when it comes to politics, the damage is to the future of our American republic.

America, you’re being conned. Wake up. “Good Old Joe” is just another politician using his position to enrich himself and his family at the expense of the country through bad trade deals and lost jobs.

The political leaders you trusted are lying to you. The lofty promises they made to you were fake. The people you trusted are liars. What you thought you were certain about is false.

Look at the list. Fear, greed and altruism. Which lie took you in? Were you afraid you’d lose your Social Security or Health Care? Were you enticed by promises of free college, forgiveness of your student loans, or Universal Basic Income? Or were you seduced by promises of a world with a pristine environment without racism or sexism?

The good news is that there is no honor among thieves. As long as things are going well and everyone is getting paid, they are as loyal as the day is long, but once things start to unravel, it’s every man for himself. A lower level flunkie is arrested and he turns state’s evidence on the people directly above.

This is what is happening to Joe Biden. People in the know are talking.

The Obama administration, the Deep State and the entire Democrat Party worked tirelessly to perpetuate the scam. The Big Tech social media companies showed how far they were willing to go when they actively censored information about the Hunter Biden laptop and Bobulinski’s claims of corruption. New York Post social media accounts were immediately shut down to “avoid spreading misinformation.”

The Left Media have been participating in the con by willfully covering up Joe Biden’s mental frailty in the hope that they can con the American public into putting him in office.

When everything they tried failed, “Russia-Gate,” the Mueller probe, the Ukraine phone call – this was their last effort to get President Trump out of office. Each member of LeftCon, Inc. used multiple combinations of fear, greed and altruism to manipulate us.

Their final play is to enable voter fraud. LeftCon, Inc. knows that Biden is a horrible candidate. They know the polls are inaccurate, but they want to give the impression that Biden is leading. The Democrat governors in each of the battleground states have done everything they can to remove voting integrity safeguards, encourage early voting and mail-in voting and delay the count as long as possible.

This will allow them to manufacture the necessary number of fake votes in order to switch the results in just enough swing states to tip the election to Biden.

Now that you know the truth, you can see how you were lied to.

Unfortunately, you don’t have time to go through the five steps of grief. Your check is literally in the mail and you need to cancel it. In this case, it’s your absentee ballot for Joe Biden.

It turns out that if you live in one of seven states you can actually change your mind.

In the other 43, you’re left to tell your friends who haven’t voted that – like you – they’ve been conned, and no matter how much they may dislike Trump’s style, they must vote for him.

Otherwise we will have given the con men our national bank account and complete control of our country – forever.

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