Will the ‘Crats succeed in stealing our country? Only if we let them.

Will the ‘Crats succeed in stealing our country? Only if we let them.

By Don Rosenberg – 12/28/2020

The “’Crats” are leading a coup against our government – Democrats, bureaucrats, Techno-crats, and billionaire-aristocrats. They think they can censor, bully, and steal their way into power, and run the United States just like the oligarchs in Russia and China’s CCP. What they fail to realize is that the people of the United States have freedom baked into our DNA which can’t be bullied by riots, a pandemic panic or political correctness intimidation, even after 30 years of “education reform” and a media that doesn’t report news, but instead manufactures propaganda.

What happens if we lose our democratic freedoms to the new oligarchs? One of the great things about our Republic is that if you don’t like the living conditions in one state, you can move to another. But where can you move to and still be an American if there are no free states left?

We’ve all seen the damage done in the formerly great state of California by one-party domination. It has led to massive increases in poverty, unemployment, crime, homelessness and disease. Those who can afford it are moving out of the state faster than U-Haul can keep up with. In fact, the price to rent a truck from L.A. to Phoenix is over ten times higher than the same truck going from Phoenix, to L.A.

Most Americans have figured out that our most cherished right – the power of the vote – is being stolen from us by the ‘Crats with the help of the ten corrupt inner cities and their Democrat bosses. Do Americans really support California-style one-party rule?

Looking at the supposed November 3rd election “results,” the media claim that 74 million Americans voted for President Trump. Of the 81 million “votes” allocated to Biden, 44% of voters (or 36 million) say they were voting against Trump, but not the real man, just the way he is portrayed by the media. Anyone can be made into a villain with four years of lies and baseless accusations.

Exit polls estimated that as many as 17% of these “voters” (or 14 million) say they would have supported Trump if they had known more about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the “Biden Crime Family” corruption it revealed. If you do the math, that would mean that only 31 million people actually voted for Biden, while 88 million supported Trump, and without the media lies, 36 million more would have stayed home.

The ’Crats are trying to hijack the richest prize of all – the United States. They include the 134 billionaires who donated to the Biden campaign.  Sixty-seven of them donated more than $100,000, while 98% of tech company donations went to Biden. They are supported by the Russian oligarchs, who have just pulled off the biggest computer hack in history, and China’s CCP, who poured $400 million into Dominion Voting Systems just a few weeks before the election. China has been waging a “quiet war” on the United States for the last ten years and seeks nothing short of world domination.

But, if the greatest crime in world history is finalized on January 20th, the ‘Crats will learn they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. They can’t dominate a country with 31 million supporters over the opposition of 88 million patriots and conservatives, including a record number of blue-collar workers, Hispanics, and African-Americans.

They don’t understand that this is the one country in the world that cannot be ruled by force or intimidation. The only way they can win is if we, the American people, cooperate in our own demise, and our DNA doesn’t allow us to give in to tyrants.

Just look at what’s already happening – online Americans, who have turned a few socially inept geeks into the richest people on the planet, are scrambling to find uncensored alternatives to Facebook, Twitter and Google. Bye geeks. Being able to code doesn’t make you a god.

In California, the most popular political movement is the one to recall Governor Gavin Newsom from office. Which governors are next?

Throughout the rest of the country, restaurants and small business owners are banding together to resist lockdowns, while parents are fighting back against teachers unions and their refusal to hold classes in person. Others are organizing to resist any attempt to make unproven Covid vaccines mandatory.

Police officers, who have been so unfairly demonized by the media, are retiring early in massive numbers. There is a nation-wide nurse shortage, and fewer doctors are willing to see COVID patients under guidelines that restrict their treatment choices.

The poorest Americans who have been forced to remain in cities where crime is rampant and the police can’t protect them are starting to protest as well. The city of Detroit has just filed suit against Black Lives Matter.

Saturday Jericho protests in state capitals and in Washington, D.C. have steadily gained in numbers despite a complete media blackout, and another massive rally is scheduled for D.C. on January 6th. Their goal is to pile political pressure on state governors and legislators to decertify the obviously fraudulent elections and “stop the steal.”

To the ‘Crats who think they can bully us into submission, we ask…

  • What will happen when the farmers who grow America’s food decide not to sell it to the ten inner cities who stole their votes?
  • Will teamsters continue to work or decide to park their trucks?
  • Will red states stop selling their oil and natural gas to blue states?
  • Will the police continue to risk their lives to protect Democrat-controlled cities whose leaders call them racists?”


The elites think they can rule us in luxury from their walled estates while eating gourmet ice cream. The only way they can succeed is if we let them.

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