Will we choose to spring forward or fall back on Election Day?

Will we choose to spring forward or fall back on Election Day?

By Don Rosenberg – 10/29/2020

Twice a year, we reset our clocks, but how often does our country reset its clock?

The surprise win for President Trump in 2016 was one such reset. It wasn’t business as usual, one mediocre politician against another, both with the same big government agenda. We didn’t listen to the polls and the pundits and instead chose an upstart business man as our President.

Three years of outrage from the Left has revealed them for what they are – hateful, amoral, lawless, greedy, power-hungry, despicable, manipulative, and divisive.

Hateful to America. “America was never great.” Hateful to Americans. “Every white person is inherently racist.”

They have no morality; any level of amorality or depravity is acceptable. Their religion is Global Warming. Their morality is racial hatred, and their “Holy Science” is manipulated to generate results to support their agenda.

They have no respect for the law or the people who enforce it. Instead of changing laws they don’t like, they ignore them. Sanctuary cities and states encourage illegal immigration, while riots and looting of innocent inner city businesses are considered “peaceful protests.” Brave police officers who put their lives on the line every day are threatened, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon” and every fatal incident, whether justified or not, is used as an excuse for more rioting and looting and calls to “defund the police” who are the only protection for the inner cities.

The political leadership of the Left is focused more on amassing personal wealth than the needs of their constituents. They regularly exempt themselves from their own laws, including insider trading. But this is nothing new, the revolving door between congress and lucrative consulting jobs is just one way they profit from their “service.”

The shocking revelations about the Biden family indicate a long-established pattern of personal gain in exchange for political favors, allowing a 47 year “civil servant” on a fixed salary to amass a fortune including multiple lavish houses. (Interesting fact: The most searched term on the Internet is “Can I change my mail-in ballot” associated with searches for “Hunter Biden.”)

“Don’t ask for tax returns for a rich person who enters public service. Instead, ask for the tax returns from someone in public service who has become rich.”

Do the leaders on the Left really believe their pious speeches about altruism, equal rights or saving the planet? Or are these just their justifications for their despicable, manipulative, divisive behavior in a naked quest for unlimited political power?

An article about the rampant hypocrisy of the Left would run 20,000 words and not scratch the surface. Over 40% of Democrats in congress are lawyers, and lawyers are trained to passionately argue both sides of an argument. Is that why they seemed so good at arguing for the filibuster in 2016, and now argue against it? Or why they argued for Merrick Garland for Supreme Court when the Republicans held the Senate and against Amy Coney Barrett in 2020? Or why Biden was against fracking on Monday and is for it on Tuesday? They seem to think that no one has access to video tape.

Why do they talk about “uniting the country” when their main tactic is to divide the country along racial and cultural lines, pitting “disadvantaged minority groups” against anyone who is white? They insist on equal rights, but are dismissive of our constitutional rights. They want immediate approval of their most liberal judges, but make up despicable lies about conservative candidates.

They are concerned about the few African-Americans killed due to mistakes by police or police misconduct, but unconcerned about those killed on inner city streets. Why do they support “peaceful protests” that lead to rioting and looting, but oppose peaceful protests against lockdowns?

If you add the Left media whose coverage of President Trump is 92% negative, to the Left Big Tech companies who oppose Trump and conservatives by skewing search results and censoring news, you now have the complete picture of those who are destroying our country in their quest for power.

Once they win they have openly promised to change the rules to remain in control forever by packing the Supreme Court, packing the Senate, packing their voters with illegal immigrants and packing our ballots to allow rampant voter fraud in all future elections.

Banning fossil fuels will make America dependent on foreign sources, ending the “war on China” will encourage China to continue to steal our technologies and take control of Asia and the far east, and restoring Iran’s ability to make nuclear weapons will allow them to blackmail the Middle East and Europe.

Their $4 trillion tax increases will punish the rich and middle class in favor of the new dependent class and ensure a rich supply of votes for every future election.

The Left sees the world from their own eyes and have no concept that there is another view which sees America as great. Yes, we have flaws, but our greatness is that we have a constitution and political system that allows us to correct them. We have ended slavery, given women the right to vote, and ensured civil rights for African-Americans, within our legal system. True Americans revere the Constitution and the rule of law, making all Americans equal when they seek justice.

We want all citizens to thrive, that is why President Trump was so proud of his pre-COVID economy that had record employment for blacks, Hispanics, women and even teenagers and his tax cuts and low gas prices which put $6,500 back in the hands of middle class families.

So should we believe the polls that show senile “Uncle Joe” way ahead, or do we see a repeat of the “scientific” polls from 2016 that were 100% wrong?

One clue is how Americans are reacting to what the Left is offering.

We don’t watch their movies about sex, depravity and violence. Instead we see a surge in family programming such as the Hallmark Channel. When national sports owners appease the Left by bowing down to Black Lives Matter pressure and kneeling for the national anthem, we react by watching NASCAR, and professional golf.

We support our police and first responders, while acknowledging some of them are fallible or even corrupt, and agree on the need for better training and more funding.

We support free speech over censorship, even speech that is stupid or offensive.

If we want to save our country from a permanent disaster, we need to vote and bring ten friends with us. And we must be vigilant to voter fraud, which is last recourse for the Left to cheat their way to victory.

This election is a crossroads for our country. We can either spring forward with a revival of the American spirit of freedom, equality and opportunity for all, or fall back to division, hatred, and oppression.

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