With A Little Help From My Friends

With a Little Help From My Friends

By Michael J. Lewinski   12/05/18

The world is full of tumult, and our culture is in serious decline. We are plagued by Progressive, radical egalitarianism. We fight over everything the fanatics want to bring up.

The War on Christmas has taken an ugly turn when the Left takes offense with songs like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Do You Hear What I Hear, or The Twelve Days of Christmas. This is the silliness with which the left distracts us in order to avoid the serious discussions about solutions for the systemic challenges confronting the world.

The resistance from Progressives Democrats and Republicans and their allies in the corporate mainstream media are hell-bent on refreshing the Swamp and renewing their drive to centralize government with a top-down model that benefits the elites and crushes the ordinary person.

These people deliberately seek to muddy the waters. A cultural war is used to suppress the successes of Conservatives in the economic war. This is an insidious power grab of power-hungry people who care little of the consequences of their actions on the little people.

These fools seek to reverse the Trump policies that brought back prosperity, safety, and freedom to the American people. They want to roll back the progress on de-regulation and tax cuts. They seek to bring back “political correctness”. They want to expand the horrors of open borders.

These people desire to bring back the status quo, that the American people rejected in 2016 when we elected Donald J. Trump. In other words, they want to shove down your throat a failing system you didn’t want and don’t want.

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