With A Little Help From Our Friends

With A Little Help From Our Friends

By Michael Lewinski – 02/02/2021

We in the heartland tend to be more conservative than those trapped in the cities and their suburbs. Anita Untersee, who produced the documentary, “Revelation, Dawn of Global Government,” observed, “Self reliance is an American tradition, like cherishing the foundational principle of our rights coming from our Creator. The evidence of these rights is ever present when you have a close connection to the earth and caring for other creatures. With rights come responsibilities and commitment.”

We are an independent lot with no desire to be taken care of by a big brother government or anyone else. We know the dog days of summer are coming to an end when we put vegetables in clean glass jars and split the wood for wood burners. We do this and many more things in preparation for the coming winter.

As a people, we cringe when we think about the Socialist government Progressives are imposing on us. In response to this unconstitutional move an illegitimate government is trying to force on us, we can resist in every possible way we can.

We can gather together with neighbors and be prepared to defend our Second Amendment rights. We can gather our friends to protest outside an abortion clinic and counsel their clients not to have an abortion.

Another important important thing we can do is inform our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and church families about how the Progressive government is destroying everything we value, urging them to vote it out of existence.

We must be prepared for anything they will throw at us. There is no difference between Socialism and Communism. Communist governments take away from their people their guns so as to disarm their resistors. They lock their enemies up in concentration camps for free labor and to re-educate them with Communist ideology. Those who can’t be converted they murder.

As I have said in the past, this is spiritual warfare. We must go to our Creator for advice and counsel. We must plead for mercy and direction as to what we can do to throw off the yoke this illegitimate government has placed on us. Evil is getting its way now, and it is only with the help of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit that we can overcome it.

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