Your email is under attack – How to fight back, for yourself and your country

Your email is under attack – How to fight back, for yourself and your country

By Don Rosenberg – 9/22/2020

Do you regularly get emails with funny cartoons or clever political memes? Do you have friends who send you good-quality political articles? When you see something interesting, do you have a list of friends you share it with?

If so, you are an Email Warrior.

Email is the very first form of online social media and today it is under attack.

Like it or not, we are in a war for the future of our country. As I’ve said in other articles, the liberal “Big Four” social media have betrayed Americans and we need to fight back. Their aim is to drag Joe Biden across the finish line by encouraging liberal votes, discouraging conservative votes, swaying undecided voters with misinformation, and legitimizing fraudulent mail-in results.

They support the AOC, Black Lives Matter, globalist agenda of taking over the United States – permanently. Once they are in power, the Democrats have announced their plans to keep control forever. In a nutshell, they will end the Senate filibuster, “pack” the Supreme Court with extra liberal judges, add four liberal members to the Senate by giving statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, legalize all aliens and give them the right to vote, and permanently end fair elections by mandating mail-in voting with zero security safeguards.

This battle includes ”psyops” or psychological warfare, where conservatives and Christians are the enemy to be panicked, confused and demoralized. They want us to give up and accept their new world order.

In wartime, an important goal of the enemy is to disrupt your lines of communication. If you don’t have accurate information, you won’t be able to mount an effective defense. In history, messengers were intercepted, telegraph lines were cut, and radio signals were jammed.

Now your own line of communication, you email, is at risk.

About 250 million people in the U.S. are active email users, and just over 50% use Gmail. Gmail is managed by Google, which has been exposed as deliberately manipulating search data to influence undecided voters to support liberal candidates and undermine President Trump.

We are starting to receive multiple reports from Gmail users that their email messages are suddenly going into their friends’ spam folders. Entire accounts are being deleted for no reason.

It’s clear that when the time is ripe – when the election results are coming in and Trump is the landslide winner – the Social Media giants intend to censor this information, as well as any news about rampant voter fraud as “mail-in” ballots in swing states are manufactured and counted as needed.

In 2016 the results were so close that only 89,000 votes in five swing states with 40 electoral votes determined the election. A Democrat whistleblower recently revealed how he and his teams have been altering ballots in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for the last 30 years to “flip” elections. The most recent primaries exposed the fraud possibilities of mail-in voting.

The Democrats will stop at nothing to rig the vote in November and the Big Four will actively censor what’s going on, even more so with the vacant Supreme Court seat due to the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


This is where the Email Warriors come in. Just like “telephone trees” during a power failure, person to person email may be one of the few remaining ways to communicate with each other and organize as needed. But we need to safeguard ourselves now before it’s taken away.

  1. If you rely solely on Gmail, find an alternative program. Here’s a list of free email programs. Good options are AOL (really!) and com.
  2. Backup your Gmail contacts list to a safe place and learn how to load it to your new program.
  3. Pay careful attention to those clever political emails you have been receiving from your friends. Make a list of the senders’ names and email addresses.
  4. Look in your Gmail spam folder more often to see if your friends’ messages are being labeled spam, and mark them as “not suspicious.” Tell the sender what happened and encourage them to read this article.
  5. Look through your other contacts and add people who are politically active and add them to your list. Make sure these are people you know and trust! Always use “Blind Carbon Copy” or BCC when sending to a group. Otherwise every recipient can see the email address of everyone else and that’s considered very rude.
  6. When you see something newsworthy, start sending information and links to your list.


Congratulations, you’re an Email Warrior.

A huge warning. Not all the information you receive from your friends is accurate. A big part of Psyops is spreading disinformation and rumors to confuse the enemy. Trust but verify.

One trick that is often used is to send out a story that seems plausible but is too good to be true. “Hillary Clinton Indicted for Illegal Campaign Contributions!” “Obama Arrested for Eating Puppies!”

Thankfully, rumormongers have a few red flags or “tells…”

They may USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or Impossibly large colored fonts with lots of exclamation marks!!!!

They say “share this with all your friends before it gets deleted!!!”

They insist that it’s true. “This has been verified by Snopes!!”


Take a few minutes to check stories that might seem fishy.

  1. Use a neutral search engine to search some of the text in the message.
  2. Try to find the original story they are citing and check the source. Is it reputable?
  3. Copy some of the message wording into Yes, they tend to be liberal, but they’re a good place to check.

If you are able to disprove the rumor, copy your information and send it back to the person who originally sent it to you. You might want to include the list of tips above so they can be more accurate in the future.


By securing a new email program and backing up your contacts, you will be able to share accurate information, not only with your trusted friends, but with people you know who are already Email Warriors. If you have 100 contacts, and your sources have 100 contacts, this method can be a very powerful tool in organizing our resistance to the Big Four and the Left’s plans to take over our country.




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