Zinn Gets Credit for Millennials Ready For a Socialist America

Zinn Gets Credit for Millennials Ready For a Socialist America

By Kathleen Hall  reposted from 12/17/2019

In spite of constant, destructive attempts at obstruction to his functioning, our President somehow gets up early every day and makes domestic and foreign policy decisions to bring better lives and safety to Americans. His many successes will not be revealed by our traitorous media, but this is not the only strike against us.

Those who will benefit the most from our President’s efforts, young voters, are in large part ignorant of the true uniqueness and goodness of the way our Republic was designed. It is hard to believe this miracle, the first country formed not by ethnic, tribal or geographical conditions, but by all peoples coming together through belief in an idea of equality and freedom from tyranny and eventually being given the opportunity of self-government, a concept never before even heard of, is not understood by so many of our millennials.

The source of decades of distortion, misinformation and omission in the teaching of our American history, who can take most of the credit for young voters ready for Socialism is Howard Zinn, a known Communist. His 700-page textbook, “A People’s History of the United States” published in 1980, has broken records in sales and adoption for classroom lessons. There are multiple spin-offs of this book. One hundred thousand teachers have signed up for free downloads of lesson plans: “Zinn Education Project.” They are using and believing in this perverted version of our history. Plays are being performed based on this material. Actors are reading scripts from this anti-American version of our history in Central Park.

Enter Dr. Mary Grabar and her book “Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing The Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America,” published Aug. 2019. Born in Slovenia, when it was still part of Communist Yugoslavia, Dr. Grabar grew up in Rochester, NY. She earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of Georgia, teaching in colleges and universities until 2013. She then founded The Dissident Prof. Education Project, a non-profit reform initiative.

Bishop E.W. Jackson, a former statewide candidate in Virginia, founder of STAND: Staying True to America’s National Destiny, interviewed Dr. Grabar in his Dec. 12 weekly live phone interview. To access this podcast and others of great importance to the survival of our Republic. To request NAC Conference Call recordings email: admin@standamerica.us

The only answer now, to the continuation of our freedom, is an informed, active citizenry. Share this information with those who need it and those who can use it to educate others. Too many of our young voters have been cheated of the knowledge of their history that shows that Socialism is but a transition to Communism. Why? Because Communism will be resisted and can take hold only after the Central State control of Socialism is in place, after Socialism fails, and Socialism has always failed. Keeping our Republic is now up to our blessing of self-government being used to its fullest potential, with God’s continued blessing of America. God blesses America again and again through courageous people who have come to America, after experiencing what tyranny means and choose to fight for the freedom she offers. It’s our time to choose freedom and fight.

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