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VICTOR JOECKS: Las Vegas is now a sanctuary city

Late last month, that judge issued an injunction preventing state and local law enforcement agencies from holding suspected illegal aliens for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The order didn’t include states that expressly allow civil immigration arrests. Nevada, however, hasn’t passed such a law. On Wednesday, the Metropolitan Police Department announced that, because of the ruling, it was ending its participation in the 287(g) program. The city of Las Vegas issued a similar statement Thursday.

Translation: Clark County and Las Vegas now have “sanctuary city” policies in place.

The 287(g) program allowed Metro officers to use ICE databases to see if someone was in the country illegally. If so, Metro would alert ICE and detain them if ICE so requested. In 2017, Metro estimated that it notified ICE 500 times a year that someone it had arrested was in the country illegally. ICE picked up around 170 a year.

Up to 80 Percent of Illegal Immigrants Freed by Sanctuary Cities Commit More Crime

ICE official Timothy Robbins shared this data at a Senate hearing

When are we going to put an end to the criminal cabals known as sanctuary cities, as I see it?

That number is staggering.

Sanctuary officials are running their cities and states like a mafia enterprise, allowing criminals to be free of any legal ramifications, it seems — and it needs to stop.

Democrat sanctuary city officials are churning out people who are endangering American citizens — and it’s patently absurd that nobody has stopped this lawlessness.

ICE official Timothy Robbins said up to 80 percent of criminal illegal aliens who are released by sanctuary jurisdictions go on to commit more crime.

And these are the people whom Democrat lawmakers are trying so hard to protect?

Second illegal immigrant tied to ‘merciless’ sanctuary-city murder

– The Washington Times – Friday, October 18, 2019

Both men accused of a horrific gang-related murder in the Seattle area last week are illegal immigrants, ICE said Thursday, heaping more attention on the region’s sanctuary city policies.

The Washington Times had already reported on Carlos Daniel Iraheta-Vega, a member of MS-13 who was released in defiance of a deportation-assistance request by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and now stands accused of taking a baseball bat to the head and body of high school student, killing him.

Now ICE says Rudy Osvaldo Garcia-Hernandez, accused of taking a machete to the teen, chopping off an arm and a leg and hacking at his neck, is also an illegal immigrant with a lengthy criminal record and ties to Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13.

The murder of Juan Carlos Con Guzman, the popular high school teen, has become a flashpoint in the sanctuary city debate. It follows another gang-related murder in King County, Washington, that also involved an illegal immigrant that authorities refused to turn over to ICE.

Sanctuary State and City laws are spreading across the country, increasing the danger to you, your family and your neighbors.

Drunk driving, robberies, sexual predators and murders all increase when illegals are captured and then released back into your neighborhoods.

You can take action to end Sanctuary State and City laws, starting in the State of California. Polls there suggest that up to 70% want to repeal the Sanctuary State laws, but the state house and legislature is determined to continue them, regardless of the cost to their citizens.

There is a way to repeal the laws, and make sure that no similar laws can be enacted in the future.

The “Children, Family, and Community Protection Act” has been filed and can go onto the ballot in 2020. It will effectively end California’s sanctuary state policies.

  • It requires state and local law enforcement to attempt to verify the immigration status of arrestees suspected of being in United States without documentation and to notify federal and state agencies when arrestees appear to be undocumented.
  • It prohibits local governments and law-enforcement agencies from preventing or limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities, setting criminal penalties and minimum $10,000 fines for noncompliance.
  • It prohibits automatic voter registration; requires an affidavit for voter eligibility.
  • It prohibits issuing driver’s license or identification card without verifying citizenship or immigration status.
  • It frees all California employers to use the federal E-Verify system when hiring.

We need your support to hire companies and train volunteers to collect the signatures necessary to get on the ballot in 2020, but we need to start now.

If we can stop Sanctuary Laws in California we can send a loud message across the country. “Lawlessness will not be tolerated, especially when it affects the safety of our families.”

Even a small donation will make a difference.

Also, checks can be mailed to:

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